Law Law and Regulations


  • Kenneth Frazier, CEO of Merck.

    Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier said a flawed corporate tax system drives inversion deals that have drawn the government's ire.

  • Jamie Dimon at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    Dimon addressed the bank's liquidity, U.S. interest rate policy, and financial system regulation in an annual report.

  • Pregnant mother with young child.

    The Californian city's Board of Supervisors passed the law to cover mothers, fathers, adoptive parents, and same-sex couples, NBC reports.

  • America's 'hot mess' tax code

    CNBC contributors Jared Bernstein and James Pethokoukis react to the regulatory change by the Treasury on taxes.

  • Swiss police raided the headquarters of the European soccer body UEFA in Nyon on Wednesday.

  • How the fiduciary standard protects you

    It’s a funny phrase you may have never heard of: fiduciary standard. If you’re unsure what it means, it’s a safeguard meant to protect you and your hard-earned money for your golden years. CNBC Sharon Epperson explains.

  • Mississippi gov. signs religious beliefs law

    CNBC's Sue Herera reports PayPal has canceled its move into North Carolina, and Mississippi's governor has signed the religious beliefs law which allows public and private businesses to refuse service based on the business' religious beliefs.

  • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI).

    Trump and Cruz are both going down and this is going to the GOP convention, says Jake Novak. The likely nominee? Paul Ryan.

  • Redstone mental competency case may be settled: DJ

    Dow Jones reporting that Sumner Redstone's representatives are in settlement talks over the mental competency suit against him, reports CNBC's Julia Boorstin.

  • Sheila Bair

    While calls to break up the big banks have grown, proponents should support already proposed rules, Sheila Bair said.

  • It's time to stop letting states like North Carolina pass anti-LGBT laws. We need a federal equality law, says Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson.

  • Mark Cuban, investor, entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks

    Regulatory action on privately funded companies threatens to disrupt growth, Mark Cuban said.

  • Swisher: Tesla is a piece of history

    Re/code Executive Editor Kara Swisher talks about the demand for Tesla's new Model 3, the response to North Carolina's anti-LGBT law, as well as the head of the SEC's concern over unicorn companies.

  • NYT's Stewart: There will be economic impact to N.C. law

    Jim Stewart, Columnist at The New York Times and CNBC Contributor, talks about the business backlash against North Carolina's anti-LGBT law.

  • Must Read: GE's 'great escape'

    The "Worldwide Exchange" crew discusses the morning's top attention-grabbing headlines, including an article in the Wall Street Journal about the Financial Stability Oversight Council's failure to tell companies how to avoid the systemically important institution tag.

  • A police officer talks with bus patrons outside the Greyhound Bus Station on Thursday, March 31, 2016, in Richmond, Va.

    Police said the gunman had a history of charges against him. NBC reports.

  • People protest outside the North Carolina Executive Mansion in Raleigh, N.C., Thursday, March 24, 2016. North Carolina legislators decided to rein in local governments by approving a bill Wednesday that prevents cities and counties from passing their own anti-discrimination rules.

    The backlash against Indiana last year should've been a lesson. And yet, discriminatory laws are still popping up. Why?

  • The Eiffel Tower is lit with the blue, white and red colours of the French flag in Paris, France, November 16, 2015, to pay tribute to the victims of a series of deadly attacks on Friday in the French capital.

    Salah Abdeslam — once Europe's most-wanted man — was captured in Brussels earlier this month, reports NBC News.

  • AIG headquarters in New York City.

    AIG Chief Executive Peter Hancock tells CNBC he'd go about ditching the insurer's "too big to fail" designation differently than rival MetLife.

  • CEOs speaking out on NC's anti-LGBT law

    Chegg CEO Dan Rosensweig, says he wants to be a voice for his students if he can in regards to the fight against discrimination in business.