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  • Ruth Madoff Speaks the Truth

    Bernie Madoff's wife, Ruth,speaks publicly for the first time in almost three years since her husband confessed to running the largest Ponzi scheme ever. Insight with Diana Henriques, The New York Times senior financial writer.

  • Raj Rajaratnam, confronted by media as he leaves the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Court House at 500 Pearl Street after being found guilty of 14 charges against him on May 11, 2011 in New York City. After eleven days of deliberation a jury convicted Rajaratnam with all 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy.

    The story of billionaire hedge fund mogul Raj Rajaratnam, which shocked the investment community and led to the indictment this week of former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta, is headed to the big screen.

  • Avon Plunges on SEC Probe

    CNBC's Herb Greenberg has the story on the SEC's investigation into Avon.

  • rim_headquarters1.jpg

    Consumers in the United States and Canada have sued Research in Motion for a days-long service outage on BlackBerry devices that rippled across the world earlier this month.

  • Rajat Gupta

    A former Goldman Sachs board member on Wednesday surrendered to federal authorities to face criminal charges stemming from a massive hedge fund insider trading case.

  • Solyndra Saga Continues

    CNBC's Eamon Javers has the details on two Treasury officials questioned in a hearing led by House Republicans.

  • Judge Sentences Raj Rajaratnam to 11 Years

    CNBC's Scott Cohn and Bertha Coombs have the details on Raj Rajaratnam's longest ever sentence for inside trading.

  • Sentence for Rajaratnam

    CNBC's Scott Cohn has the details on the sentencing for Raj Rajaratnam happening today. The government sentencing memo says Rajaratnam is the modern face for illegal insider trading.

  • Another week, another pension fund filing a lawsuit over execution of currency trades. Here's what it means for you. 

  • lawyers-courtroom-200.jpg

    My daughter is graduating college this year. She's decided she wants to apply to law school. At first I thought, "Do we really need another lawyer in the world?" It's so easy to disparage attorneys...until you need one.

  • Shoppers check out at a newly-opened Target store near Royersford, Pa., on Monday, Nov. 13, 2006. Discount retailer Target Corp. said Tuesday its third-quarter profit rose 16 percent, beating analyst expectations as its sales rose 11 percent. (AP Photo/George Widman)

    When Procter & Gamble challenged Christy Prunier's name Willa for a line of skin care products for preteenagers, Prunier chose to fight. The case goes to court next month, the New York Times reports.

  • Bank of America branch, New York City.

    Bank of America’s potential liability for bad mortgages — in the tens of billions of dollars — is well known. But Bank of America is haunted by other demons from the financial crisis, the most significant one being a lawsuit arising from its troubled Merrill Lynch acquisition, the New York Times reports.

  • Raj Rajaratnam co-founder of the Galleon Group hedge fund.

    The sentencing of former hedge-fund mogul Raj Rajaratnam has been delayed two weeks to October 13.

  • Bernie Madoff

    In testimony obtained by CNBC, a former attorney for the SEC denied that he had a conflict in his handling of the Bernard Madoff case, despite allegations by the agency's Inspector General that have been referred to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution.

  • ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - MAY 10: International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn leaves the Second Annual Conference of International Monetary Fund held at the Baur au Lac Hotel on May 10, 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland. The conference hosted by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), brought together central bank governors and senior policymakers, to debat about the reform of the international monetary system with topics such as global liquidity p

    As his former colleagues at the International Monetary Fund gather this week, the scandal surrounding Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be a specter in the background.

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn

    The former IMF chief admitted to a “moral failing” but denied he had sexually assaulted a New York hotel maid in a widely-anticipated interview on French television.

  • madoff_money_spread.jpg

    The tables may be turned on one former SEC official. He may soon be investigated by the Justice Department for a potential conflict in the Madoff case: He was responsible for the agency's proposal for victim compensation even though he had a financial interest in the outcome.

  • Bitter Battle Over Corn Syrup

    CNBC's Jane Wells has an update on the legal battle between sugar and corn.

  • fannie_140.jpg

    Regulators are nearing a settlement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac over whether the mortgage finance giants adequately disclosed their exposure to risky subprime loans, bringing to a close a three-year investigation. The New York Times reports.

  • Jeffrey Skilling

    Nearly five years after being sent to prison for his role in the most notorious corporate collapse of all time, former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling is taking his case back to the Supreme Court.