Law Legislation

  • Allen Stanford

    Victims of the alleged $7 billion Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme may get a greater voice in how what's left of their investments will be divvied up.

  • American healthcare reform

    An association representing 300 large corporations is pressing for the repeal a provision of the health care overhaul that prompted AT&T, Caterpillar  and other companies to announce substantial charges, the NYT reports.

  • US Capitol Building with cash

    We are facing an across-the-board tax-hike assault from federal, state, and local sources. This, despite a precarious outlook of a return to long-term economic prosperity after an especially deep and painful recession.

  • President Obama signs the health care reform bill into law at the White House

    More than a week after President Obama signed the sweeping new health care law, which will eventually provide insurance coverage for 32 million uninsured Americans, many of us are still scratching our heads. What just happened? And how and when will we start feeling its effect? the NYT explains.

  • A Royal Bank of Scotland logo is seen outside the company's offices in central London, Tuesday May 29, 2007. A consortium led by Royal Bank of Scotland PLC said Tuesday it will launch a hostile bid of euro71.1 billion (US$95.5 billion) for ABN Amro, topping a friendly offer from Barclays PLC and pressing Bank of America Corp. for control of the Dutch bank's U.S. arm. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

    Royal Bank of Scotland has been fined £28.59 million ($38.5 million) by the Office of Fair Trading after admitting breaches of competition law, adding weight to concerns that the UK banking sector operates in a club-like atmosphere rather than a highly competitive industry.

  • Timothy Geithner

    The financial reform bill is moving closer to guaranteeing two critical functions: that taxpayers will never again have to spend billions to rescue failing banks, and that institutions will never be considered 'too big to fail,' Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told CNBC.

  • Aesthetician performing a facial

    That tattoo you’ve been considering on your next trip to Minnesota may fall off your to-do list, if the state’s legislature is successful at passing a bill to tax that service. The push is part of a drive in various states to raise revenue by taxing services that largely go untaxed.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt (L) and Jamie McCourt walk into the Memorial Coliseum prior to the start of the game against the Boston Red Sox March 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

    Former Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt says she wants her first-class lifestyle back and believes it will take nearly $1 million a month to do so.

  • Cost of healthcare

    Now that President Obama has rammed through his trillion-dollar gut renovation of U.S. health care, here are six provocative questions on what we have wrought.

  • Lev Goukassian, owner of the Nirvana Pharmacy, a medical marijuana shop in Los Angeles, California, works on his products.

    Perhaps only in California could a group of marijuana smokers call themselves fiscal realists. And yet, faced with a $20 billion deficit, strained state services and regular legislative paralysis, voters in California are now set to consider a single-word solution to help ease some of the state’s money troubles: legalize. The NYT reports.

  • US Trade Representative Ron Kirk

    A thriving middle-class of consumers in China could lead the way to  easing trade relations between China and the U.S., Ron Kirk, U.S. Trade Representative, told CNBC today.

  • Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, I-Vt., Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., during a news conference on comprehensive climate change and energy independence legislation.

    Less than a year ago, cap and trade was the policy of choice for tackling climate change. Today, the concept is in wide disrepute, with opponents effectively branding it “cap and tax,” and Tea Party followers using it as a symbol of much of what they say is wrong with Washington. The NYT reports.

  • doctor

    The health-care reform legislation is expected to create more jobs in the health-care sector but there's one major side effect it may not cure:  There may not be enough doctors to see all of the people who are now covered.

  • Marijuana

    The smell of pot hung heavy in the air as men with dreadlocks and gray beards contemplated a nightmarish possibility in this legendary region of outlaw marijuana growers: legal weed.

  • Elizabeth Warren

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  • house_federal.jpg

    Congress will hold its first hearing Tuesday about how to restructure the mortgage system in the wake of the financial crisis.

  • Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT) speaks at a news conference following the Senate's cloture vote on health care reform legislation on Capitol Hill.

    Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) finally unveiled his financial reform legislation. It was not worth the wait.

  • dart_dollar_200.jpg

    When Josh Beckett pitches for the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, New York collects income tax on the portion of his salary earned in New York State.  But what about a Boston Scientific sales representative who comes to New York to pitch medical products to a new client? New York wants a slice of that paycheck, too.

  • Ambulance

    House Democratic leaders are believed to be at least a half-dozen votes short of the 216 votes they need to pass health care reform, but have said they are confident they can secure the needed votes. The New York Times reports.

  • Barney Frank

    Rep. Barney Frank told CNBC Friday that he does not support removing the Federal Reserve's authority, because it wasn't the only government agency to make the mistakes that led to the financial crisis.