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  • Shares of Bristol-Myers fell almost 16 percent to $63.54 on Friday after the company announced failure of the late-stage trial. Shares of Merck gained 8.7 percent to $62.89. "This is the worst-case scenario" for Opdivo and Bristol-Myers, Leerink analyst Seamus Fernandez said in a research note.

  • Health care and life sciences lead Merck's lifted full-year guidance

    Marcus Kuhnert, the chief financial officer of Merck, comments on the company's earnings report and explains which areas of the business are doing well.

  • U.S. concerns over Zika, which is spreading rapidly in the Americas and has hit Brazil the hardest, have risen since Florida authorities last week reported the first signs of local transmission in the continental United States in a Miami neighborhood. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health federal...

  • WASHINGTON, Aug 3- U.S. government researchers said on Wednesday they have begun their first clinical trial of a Zika vaccine as concerns over the mosquito-borne virus mount following the first cases of local transmission in the continental United States. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the National Institutes of Health...

  • HIV virus in an image taken with transmission electron microscopy.

    A judge ruled that an HIV pill to prevent infection could be funded by the U.K.'s state health service, in a victory for AIDS campaigners.

  • The Athlome Project: Setting its sights on a world record

    The Athlome project is an international joint effort to identify performance genes and genes that may influence the injury and predisposition to injury and illness.

  • Training to be a Olympic champion

    How does World Olympic champion, Greg Rutherford get ready for important sports events and what did his DNA results show? CNBC takes a look.

  • Is DNA analysis worth it?

    Should sporting professionals, academics or even the average individual get their genetic data analyzed? CNBC investigates.

  • How does genetic testing really work?

    At DNAFit, a genetic testing company, CNBC’s Louisa Bojesen takes a look at the step-by-step process of scientists analyzing and processing genetic data.

  • Why this Olympic champion got his DNA analyzed

    World Olympic champion, Greg Rutherford explains to CNBC why he had his DNA analyzed, and what it might mean for his training and lifestyle choices.

  • This CNBC presenter gets her DNA analyzed

    CNBC’s Louisa Bojesen talks to DNAFit's Francesco Gatti, about what the presenter’s genetic data means for her in terms of sports science.

  • Greg Rutherford: Only the second UK man to win Olympic long jump gold

    Meet Greg Rutherford: World Olympic champion in long jump, who has managed to jump a record 8.51 meters – the length of almost two cars.

  • Inside the genetic testing firm of ‘DNA Fit’

    CNBC takes a behind-the-scenes look at genetic testing company, "DNAFit". The firm has already designed a test that reveals the best exercise and nutrition for your body.

  • Aug 1- Pfizer Inc said it had acquired privately held gene therapy developer Bamboo Therapeutics Inc in a deal worth up to $645 million to boost its presence in the treatment of rare diseases. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve any gene therapies but Europe has approved two- a treatment from GlaxoSmithKline for a rare immune disorder in...

  • LONDON, July 28- AstraZeneca's chief executive believes a rival could spot the growing value of its drug pipeline but declined to say on Thursday if the group was likely to be a takeover target once more, two years after seeing off a bid from Pfizer. Citi analyst Andrew Baum suggested in a note this week that AstraZeneca's biotech expertise and advanced...

  • LONDON, July 27- GlaxoSmithKline has bought global rights to an experimental drug from Johnson& Johnson for up to 175 million pounds, raising its bet on a new generation of biotech medicines for severe asthma. The British drugmaker recently launched Nucala, its first injectable biological asthma drug, and is looking for additional treatments to help more...

  • Medical students and members of the public will be able to watch a live hernia surgery in 360-degree virtual reality (VR) later this week.

  • An MRI scan of an Alzheimer patient's brain.

    Research shown at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference suggests people with complex careers may be resistant to the disease.

  • Venter on killing cancer

    J. Craig Venter, Human Longevity Inc., CEO, on how science is on the verge of finding cancer in its earliest stages.

  • CNBC Pro: Big business of human longevity

    J. Craig Venter, Human Longevity Inc., CEO, discusses how advances in technology could expand human life spans.