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  • VILNIUS, Lithuania— Lithuanian officials say government websites have been hit by cyberattacks for the third time this month. The most intense attacks happened on April 11 during a meeting of Crimean Tartars in Lithuania. He said Lithuania needs to upgrade its cyber defense capabilities.

  • OSLO, Dec 11- Lithuania and Sweden will resume testing an underwater power link between the two countries in January after tests were suspended last week due to an incident, the Baltic state's grid operator said on Friday. The ceremony will also mark the start of operations of another link, a 500 MW overhead power link from Lithuania to Poland, which started trial...

  • RIGA/ PARIS, Dec 3- Latvia's parliament approved an 80 million-euro cash injection for AirBaltic on Thursday, lifting a potential hurdle for the state-owned airline to complete the acquisition of CSeries passenger jets from Canada's Bombardier. The green light follows a government decision to prevent the state-owned airline separately importing jets...

  • MILAN/ BRUSSELS, Nov 17- The first export of U.S. gas to Europe will head for Lithuania, two industry sources say, a gesture to the Baltic states, reliant on Russia for supply, and the likely first shot in a price war over market share in Moscow's backyard. The February delivery will be of U.S. liquefied natural gas transported by sea to custom built terminals,...

  • OSLO, Nov 11- Lithuania will start testing new power connections to Sweden and Poland this month and in December, the country's transmission grid operator Litgrid said on Wednesday. Lithuania and the other two Baltic states, Estonia and Latvia, are part of the Nordic power market, but have so far only been able to trade power with the Nordic countries via two links...

  • FRANKFURT/ RIGA, Nov 10- The Baltic states are sceptical about the need for further ECB money printing but their vulnerability to Russia, which has helped boost the popularity of the euro, is tempering opposition. Former Soviet states Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are among the newest members of the 19- member single currency, a club they joined to forge closer...

  • European Union is the 'best club'

    At Davos 2015, Dalia Grybauskaite, president of Lithuania, talks about the tensions between Ukraine and Russia, saying she supports Ukraine and we will not embrace "terroristic behavior or military aggression."

  • Vilnius, Lithuania

    Lithuania joined the euro zone on Thursday, despite concerns about the currency union's economy and reignited fears about a possible 'Grexit'.

  • Lithuania Fin Min 'optimistic' about euro's future

    Following Lithuania's ascension to the euro zone, the country's finance minister Rimantas Sadzius, says he is optimistic about the currency's future, which he says has been resilient through the financial crisis.

  • Euro zone is not sick: Bank of Lithuania head

    Vitas Vasiliauskas, governor of the Bank of Lithuania, says the euro zone is not sick but countries need to carry out structural reform to "survive".

  • Russia should be suspended from G8: Lithuania

    Political and diplomatic isolation will hurt Putin's pride says Lithuania president, Dalia Grybauskaité, adding that Russia should be suspended from the G8.

  • Banks cut 5,500 branches across the European Union last year, 2.5 percent of the total, leaving the region with 20,000 fewer outlets than it had when the financial industry was plunged into crisis in 2008.

  • NEW YORK/ REHOBOTH BEACH- Sandy, one of the biggest storms to hit the United States, pounded the east coast on Tuesday, flooding large parts of New York City, bringing transport to a halt and interrupting the presidential campaign.

  • NEW YORK/ REHOBOTH BEACH- Hurricane Sandy, one of the biggest storms ever to hit the United States, battered the densely populated East Coast on Monday, shutting down transportation, forcing evacuations in flood-prone areas and interrupting the presidential election campaign.

  • WASHINGTON- With one week left in the tight battle for the White House, it's all about the vital swing state of Ohio. MADRID/ ROME- Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy kept financial markets guessing on Monday over whether he will seek a credit line from the euro zone's rescue fund but said he would do so ``when I think it is in the interests of Spain''.

  • "Promises that the new government will stop saving and start spending big-time are unrealistic," said Nerijus Maciulis, analyst at Swedbank. " Otherwise Lithuania will soon find itself in a situation similar to Greece. "

  • BERLIN-- There were cheers around Germany when Chancellor Angela Merkel announced last year, in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan, a swift end to nuclear power in favor of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

  • VILNIUS, Lithuania-- Lithuanians have dealt a blow to the conservative government's vision of a nation that would become a regional energy powerhouse and a member of the euro. Instead, they voted Sunday for politicians likely to dump austerity and rejected a plan to build a nuclear plant that could have made the country a net energy exporter.

  • LJUBLJANA, Slovenia-- Andrej Plut has always thought he was fortunate to live in Slovenia, at one time the most prosperous of the former republics of Yugoslavia and a star among the eastern European states that joined the EU after the fall of communism.

  • All three parties promised radical policy changes, including increased wages and lower taxes, while the Social Democrats said that Lithuania should postpone introducing the euro until Europe could straighten out its current financial mess.