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Back in the Game

Back in the Game

Season 1 Episode 100 Aired 03-13-2018 tv-pg

Baseball legend and successful businessman Alex Rodriguez tries to help Joe Smith, a former NBA #1 pick who's lost most of the $60 million he made in his long career.

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    Nicole Eggert

    Season 1 Episode 104 (11-27-2019)

    Former Baywatch Beauty Nicole Eggert is having trouble finding acting jobs and is living off of her dwindling savings account.

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    Brian Dunkleman

    Season 1 Episode 103 (11-20-2019)

    Brian Dunkleman has been struggling ever since he walked away from a lucrative job as co-host of American Idol, now working full-time as an Uber driver.

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    Ryan Lochte

    Season 1 Episode 102 (11-13-2019)

    Alex Rodriguez gives financial advice to Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who is living paycheck to paycheck after his embarrassing scandal in Rio.

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    Evander Holyfield Featuring Marcus Lemonis

    Season 1 Episode 101 (11-6-2019)

    Alex enlists the expertise of his friend, serial entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis, aka "The Profit," to help former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield take control of his financial future.