The Legend of Mickey Redwine
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Blue Collar Millionaires

The Legend of Mickey Redwine

Season 2 Episode 202 Aired 01-04-2017 tv-pg

A thrill-seeking Texan who went from laying cable to living large, and more.

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    Seeing Green

    Season 2 Episode 205 (1-18-2017)

    Husband-and-wife construction magnates who went from eating out of their parents’ pantries to making ice cream runs by private plane.

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    Tow Fetish

    Season 2 Episode 204 (1-11-2017)

    A married couple who turned $20,000 in savings into a multimillion-dollar towing empire, and more.

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    Married with Gators

    Season 2 Episode 203 (1-11-2017)

    A junkyard giant who went from living in an old clunker to making millions selling them, and more.

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    The Flooring King

    Season 2 Episode 201 (1-4-2017)

    A grade school dropout who built a multimillion-dollar flooring business, and more.