My Name is Clark Rockefeller
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Deadly Rich

My Name is Clark Rockefeller

Season 1 Episode 105 Aired 08-06-2018 tv-14

A serial imposter pretends to be an aristocrat and Rockefeller heir.

available episodes:

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    The Boy Toy Killer

    Season 1 Episode 104 (7-30-2018)

    When a wealthy Texas bon vivant is found dead in Mexico, all eyes turn to his young, pampered boyfriend.

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    A Glittering Murder

    Season 1 Episode 103 (7-23-2018)

    After Pamela Fayed's murder, investigations reveal a federal fraud investigation and a marriage filled with lies.

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    The Dungeon Master

    Season 1 Episode 102 (7-16-2018)

    Wealthy suburbanite Jane Bashara is found strangled to death in a seedy part of Detroit.

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    Bound for Murder

    Season 1 Episode 101 (7-9-2018)

    When Fontainebleau Hotel heir Ben Novack, Jr. is found murdered in a hotel room, the twisted secrets of his unconventional life come spilling out.