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Deal or No Deal

Back in Business

Season 2018 Episode 1107 Aired 11-07-2018 tv-g

DEAL or NO DEAL host Howie Mandel reveals the history and gives viewers a peek behind the mystery of CNBC’s exciting re-launch of the popular game show.

available episodes:

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    Flying High

    Season 5 Episode 510 (1-9-2019)

    Poker player Shireen Mui goes all in against The Banker, but it’s The Banker who calls her bluff with a specially crafted offer.

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    Ice Cream Dreams

    Season 5 Episode 509 (1-2-2019)

    Entrepreneur Ally Texeira, who has sweet dreams to change the face of the ice cream industry, tries to freeze out The Banker.

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    Southern Charm

    Season 5 Episode 508 (1-2-2019)

    It’s the ultimate television cliff-hanger as soap opera fan Robert Evans fills the stage with southern charm in his quest to defeat The Banker.

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    It Takes Two

    Season 5 Episode 507 (12-26-2018)

    Mother, teacher and former marine Jade Thomas is all about family. Howie makes an offer she can't refuse...and her mama Cheryl joins the game.

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    Happy Howie Days

    Season 5 Episode 506 (12-19-2018)

    Howie Mandel's hit game show is back after 10 years with a heartwarming holiday special and the ultimate $1 million present.

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    Beard or No Beard

    Season 5 Episode 505 (12-19-2018)

    Rugged entrepreneur and family man David Leeman brings larger-than-life enthusiasm, and beard, in his face-off with The Banker.

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    $5 Redemption

    Season 5 Episode 504 (12-12-2018)

    Deal or No Deal's past & present collide when Artis Jackson seizes the chance to redeem his family’s honor.

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    There's Snow Place Like Home

    Season 5 Episode 503 (12-12-2018)

    A busy military wife and mother faces off against the Banker in the hope of winning $1 million dollars and moving back to join her adoring parents in Michigan.

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    Family Value$

    Season 5 Episode 502 (12-5-2018)

    To win a $1,000,00 and move home to her Ohio family farm business, this high-spirited marketing executive will face the Banker’s cruelest test.

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    I'm Dancin' Here!

    Season 5 Episode 501 (12-5-2018)

    Howie Mandel’s hit game show is back with new twists and turns! A larger-than-life Brooklyn native breaks out some wild dance moves…hustling his way toward the $1,000,000 he hopes will fund his daughter’s wedding.

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    Casting Call

    Season 2018 Episode 1114 (11-14-2018)

    Who’s playing for the million? A look behind the scenes of casting the new contestants and briefcase models, and the story of how Howie Mandel was first cast.