Looking for Luck in All the Right Cases
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Deal or No Deal

Looking for Luck in All the Right Cases

Season 5 Episode 531 Aired 08-07-2019 tv-g

Andrew Shelton declares he's the unluckiest person to ever play Deal or No Deal. Howie tries turns things around with a special side game—will it break Andrew's unlucky streak?

available episodes:

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    Vision Quest

    Season 5 Episode 530 (7-31-2019)

    South Dakota’s Jade Delaney believes in the power of positive thinking, and she has a vision board to prove it!

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    Martinis for a Million

    Season 5 Episode 529 (7-24-2019)

    Long Island's Laura Siano has big plans for big money—the three S's: save, spend and share. But this game also comes with M's: martinis and male models!

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    Roller Coaster Motion

    Season 5 Episode 528 (7-17-2019)

    Two Orlando contestants take over the studio: cancer survivor Tony Combs and Marybelle Doe, a Universal Studios superfan.

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    Magic Touch

    Season 5 Episode 527 (7-10-2019)

    In another incredible combo game, two new contestants fill the studio with hijinks and magical moments.

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    Wall Street Warrior

    Season 5 Episode 526 (7-3-2019)

    A day trader for the New York Stock Exchange, Lisa Glicksman knows exactly how to give The Banker a run for her money.

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    Hoop Dreams

    Season 5 Episode 525 (6-19-2019)

    Single mom and marathoner Monica Durazo comes from a sales background and a family of strong competitors.

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    The Champ vs. The Banker

    Season 5 Episode 524 (6-19-2019)

    College wrestler-turned-professional MMA fighter Michael Chandler proves just how tough he is when he enters the cage with The Banker.

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    Million Dollar Ironman

    Season 5 Episode 522 (6-12-2019)

    Miami police officer and Ironman competitor Jorge Montero is on patrol...for a million dollars!