Just What The Doctor Ordered
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Make Me A Millionaire Inventor

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Season 2 Episode 208 Aired 12-01-2016 tv-pg

The mentors take on inventors who want to make a mint off the medical field.

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    Weekend Warriors

    Season 2 Episode 207 (11-17-2016)

    George and Deanne help two father-son teams trying to turn pastimes into profit: the Tailgater and the Aguadrone.

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    Making Green

    Season 2 Episode 206 (11-10-2016)

    Deanne and George explore two ideas that could not only save the world, but also make millions.

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    Athletic Ambition

    Season 2 Episode 205 (11-3-2016)

    George and Deanne team up with inventors who are looking to capitalize on the athletics market.

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    Millennial Markets

    Season 2 Episode 204 (10-27-2016)

    The mentors advise two millennials who are ready to take their respective industries by storm: Dropshades and Val.

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    Toy Tycoons

    Season 2 Episode 203 (10-20-2016)

    Deanne and George meet two inventors who are looking to make a fortune from fun.

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    Barrier to Entry

    Season 2 Episode 202 (10-13-2016)

    Tastier steak? Relief for sweaty construction workers? Two teams of inventors think they have solutions.

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    Life Savers

    Season 2 Episode 201 (10-6-2016)

    Two inventions with one lofty goal of saving lives: the Goldilocks Valves and the Aqua Blaster.