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The Sharks—tough, self-made, multimillionaire and multibillionaire tycoons—give budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true and secure deals that could make them rich.


Season 5 Episode 523
(Aired 5-24-2018) tv-pg

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    Season 5 Episode 523 (5-24-2018)

    Protein bars made with crickets, a must-have garage door lock; a bedhead "cure," and more.

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    Season 7 Episode 728 (5-23-2018)

    Two former advertising guys try to sell the Sharks a cure for cell-phone addiction.

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    Season 4 Episode 423 (5-23-2018)

    Pitches include two women whose jewelry line was inspired by their military experience.

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    Season 6 Episode 620 (5-22-2018)

    Transplanted Parisians from L.A. pitch an almond water beverage line from their grandma's recipe.

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    Season 4 Episode 404 (5-22-2018)

    The Sharks are brought to tears by a couple pitching their party-favorite chicken dip.