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Shark Tank


Season 1 Episode 5 Aired 11-05-2019 tv-pg

Three of the Sharks go in on a deal together for an innovative Internet company with two brothers.

available episodes:

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    Season 6 Episode 605 (11-8-2019)

    A lady with her own all-female golf caddy company looks for investment from the Sharks.

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    Season 9 Episode 6 (11-8-2019)

    Pitches include a high-tech way to enhance children's story time, functional clothing for new dads, and a solution to hairy drain problems.

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    Season 3 Episode 304 (11-7-2019)

    A towel that covers you when changing out of a swimsuit in public, and more.

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    Season 4 Episode 413 (11-7-2019)

    A couple asks the Sharks to run with their sandals for barefoot runners.