Will This Host Make the Most?
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The Deed Chicago

Will This Host Make the Most?

Season 2 Episode 204 Aired 03-25-2020 tv-pg

Sales Executive Robin purchased a 19th-century Greystone on Chicago’s South Side, but the ambitious project is over-budget and months behind schedule.

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    The Great Transformation

    Season 2 Episode 203 (3-18-2020)

    Successful Chicago broker Nick originally planned a six-month reno, but he’s been leaning on all the wrong people. Now, the stalled project is costing him money.

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    Save Me From the Wrecking Ball!

    Season 2 Episode 202 (3-11-2020)

    An ambitious contractor tries to turn his dark past into a bright future, but his latest project will either make or break his career and his finances.

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    Designer Dreamhouse

    Season 2 Episode 201 (3-4-2020)

    After a handful of successful flips, Nic and Caren dove into a massive build. A few curveballs later, these newbies are facing some serious problems.