The Profit

About The Profit

Marcus is "The Profit" and will do whatever it takes to fix a failing business—hire people, fire people and even spend his own money.

Da Lobsta

Season 3 Episode 313
(Aired 11-24-2015) tv-pg

available episodes:

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    Season 3 Episode 305 (6-16-2015)

    Can Marcus Lemonis rein in FuelFood's hot-tempered CEO and fix the business?

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    Standard Burger

    Season 3 Episode 304 (6-2-2015)

    Can Marcus Lemonis put a Staten Island burger joint with four quarreling owners back on track?

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    Tonnie’s Minis

    Season 3 Episode 303 (5-26-2015)

    Marcus tries to help the owner of a cupcake shop who has burned through his wife's retirement fund.

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    Progress Report

    Season 3 Episode 302 (5-19-2015)

    Marcus revisits four companies and reveals which partnerships have been successful.

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    SJC Drums

    Season 3 Episode 301 (5-12-2015)

    Mike and Scott Ciprari's successful SJC Drums business is in free fall after a feud forces out Scott.