Biggest Wins and Most Heartbreaking Losses
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The Profit

Biggest Wins and Most Heartbreaking Losses

Season 5 Episode 501 Aired 11-21-2017 tv-pg

In this special episode, Marcus opens his books to reveal what happened after the cameras stopped rolling.

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    The Casery

    Season 5 Episode 512 (6-19-2018)

    A startup creates buzz with its cellphone cases but the cracks are starting to show despite breathtaking sales.

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    Tankfarm & Co.

    Season 5 Episode 511 (6-12-2018)

    An apparel and screen printing company is being held back by struggling storefronts and disagreements between the brothers who own the business.

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    The Profit An Inside Look: Worldwide Trailers

    Season 5 (6-5-2018)

    Marcus Lemonis looks back at a classic episode, discussing lessons learned and revealing behind-the-scenes stories.

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    Fighting for Farrell's

    Season 5 Episode 510 (2-27-2018)

    Last year, Marcus invested $750,000 to help revive this classic restaurant chain, but fighting between partners and mismanagement have ruined everything he put in place.

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    Southern Culture

    Season 5 Episode 509 (2-6-2018)

    The owner of a packaged Southern food business has bitten off more than she can chew.

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    Faded Royalty

    Season 5 Episode 508 (1-23-2018)

    A designer has his sights set on becoming fashion royalty, but his company is barely scraping by.

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    JD Custom Designs

    Season 5 Episode 507 (1-16-2018)

    A California company specializing in retail displays struggles to stay relevant.

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    Season 5 Episode 506 (1-9-2018)

    At a sports apparel business in Illinois, the product is top notch, but something is fishy.

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    Mr. Cory's Cookies

    Season 5 Episode 505 (12-19-2017)

    A cookie company owned by a 13-year-old entrepreneur and his mother faces serious growing pains.

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    Monica Potter Home

    Season 5 Episode 504 (12-12-2017)

    Monica Potter of the hit television series Parenthood started a home goods store near her family. She doesn’t have time to run the store herself but can’t relinquish control to any of her employees.

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    Detroit Denim

    Season 5 Episode 503 (12-5-2017)

    At a Detroit-based denim business, the jeans are stiff...and so are the owners.

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    Tumbleweed Tiny Homes

    Season 5 Episode 502 (11-28-2017)

    A manufacturer of tiny homes faces massive issues. Its owner’s lack of leadership has put the business in massive debt.