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The Profit


Season 7 Episode 702 Aired 11-12-2019 tv-pg

"Coco Vinny” wants to spread the “coco love" to the rest of the country by selling coconut beverages.

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    Macaron Queen

    Season 7 Episode 705 (12-3-2019)

    A mother and daughter team dealing with health problems and family resentments needs Marcus to help them face their issues and raise their macaron business to the next level.

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    Polar Bear Coolers

    Season 7 Episode 704 (11-26-2019)

    At Polar Bear Coolers, sales have been plummeting the last few years due to a broken inventory process and an owner more concerned with "rocking out" than appreciating his employees.

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    An Inside Look: FuelFood

    Season 1 Episode 23 (11-19-2019)

    This week, clean eating isn't just for health nuts. Marcus Lemonis and Executive Producer Amber Mazzola revisit a Profit classic: FuelFood.

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    Skinny Latina

    Season 7 Episode 703 (11-19-2019)

    Local Miami celebrity Ana Quincoces has personality to spare, but her burgeoning sauce and marinade business has failed to take off.

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    Season 7 Episode 701 (11-5-2019)

    At a struggling Italian restaurant in New Jersey, Marcus Lemonis tries to teach owner Dante management skills.