Undercover Boss

About Undercover Boss

High-level corporate execs leave the comfort of their offices and secretly take low-level jobs within their companies to find out how things really work and what their employees truly think of them.


Season 4 Episode 412
(Aired 8-11-2018) tv-pg

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    Season 4 Episode 412 (8-11-2018)

    Tony Wells, CMO of ADT Security Services, adds a thick beard for his undercover disguise.

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    Season 8 Episode 808 (8-11-2018)

    A former Texas State Senator goes undercover in his own property management company to meet the people who keep his company's foundation strong.

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    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    Season 8 Episode 807 (8-11-2018)

    John Fuller, the new president and CEO of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, goes undercover to meet the employees who keep his company brewing.

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    Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates

    Season 3 Episode 303 (8-11-2018)

    The President of Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates causes a shutdown at a bottling line.