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  • Bad weather's impact on transportation

    After business hit a standstill on Saturday, the cleanup following snowstorm Jonas continues. CNBC's Seema Mody explains.

  • Small biz lending OnDeck: CEO

    Noah Breslow, OnDeck CEO, talks about the company's online service providing loans to small businesses and the partnership with banking giant JPMorgan.

  • Job growth slows in 2015: Small biz index

    Martin Mucci, President & CEO of Paychex, has the latest data on small business job trends across the nation.

  • What to expect from official, Caixin PMI figures?

    Kumar Palghat, MD at Kapstream, says China's December PMI and Caixin PMI will not paint a rosy picture, and China will introduce more stimulus if PMI figures fall below 50.

  • Helping small businesses get loans

    Stephen Sheinbaum, BizFi founder, discusses alternative lending for small business loans.

  • A dentist and a doctor build a better baby changing pad

    Can PooPoose founder, Dana Fort, grow her hobby, turned “jobbie”, into a full-fledged business making safer diaper changing pads? “Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet” until you talk to Small Biz Wiz, Carol Roth.

  • Bridging the gender funding gap

    CNBC's Kate Rogers takes a look at what "Shark Tank's" Kevin O'Leary is doing to help woman gain access to capital to fund their businesses.

  • Rollors Lawn Game

    From war games to lawn games, can US Air Force Major Matt Butler take on the business battlefield with his new lawn game: Rollers? DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB…YET, until you talk to Small Biz Wiz, Carol Roth.

  • Here's what worries small biz: Survey

    Eric Schurenberg, Inc. editor-in-chief, breaks down the results of a recent survey which shows how entrepreneurs are feeling about hot button issues.

  • GoldieBlox CEO: Building role models for girls

    Building and coding is as cool if not cooler than growing up to be a princess or pop star, says Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox founder & CEO, talking about her goal to tackle toy stereotypes for girls.

  • Start-up gives average Joe investors access to smarter trades

    Watch Instavest co-founder Salim Khatri pitch his start-up in just 60-seconds to a panel of experts. Does his company have what it takes to be the next big thing?

  • 'US is focused on SME development'

    Bruce Andrews, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce, says there has been a big emphasis on developing small and medium-sized enterprises in the U.S. and its APEC partner countries.

  • Big game of small business

    Bill Rancic, "The Apprentice" winner and celebrity entrepreneur, discusses the final three contenders in “Quickbooks' Small Business Big Game” contest.

  • How technology can help expecting moms

    Small business Babyscripts is connecting expecting mothers and doctors through an app.

  • Dream Job: Training Supermodels

    Getting paid to hang out with supermodels and movie stars is a real job and Michael Olajide has it. He's the fountain of youth for many of the world's 'beautiful people', including Victoria's Secret model Constance Jablonski. He prides himself on playing to the psychology of each model - a method used against his opponents as a professional boxer.

  • What’s Behind Seattle’s Startup Foundation

    From anchor tenants like Microsoft and Amazon, to a growing legal marijuana market, Seattle’s startup community is seeing green.

  • Startup keeps Wall Streeters 'Hot'

    Can Norwegian Wool founder Michael Berkowitz grow his hobby, turned “jobby”, into a full-fledged business making Wall Streeters and other professional men “hot”? “Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet” until you talk to Small Biz Wiz, Carol Roth.”

  • Too afraid to take that risk? Don¹t be

    Mr. Green Tea Ice Cream Co. is a family-run business that manufactures and distributes handcrafted desserts. Enter an investor and a risk.

  • Bush: My plan gives the middle class the greatest break

    Former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida talks about his stance on regulatory, monetary and tax policies.

  • Rubio: My plan supports all business, big or small

    Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida explains his pro-growth tax plan.