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Lori Ann LaRocco

CNBC Senior Talent Producer

As Senior Talent Producer at CNBC, Lori Ann LaRocco has the ear of some of the world's biggest business minds. LaRocco has been working at the network since 2000. She was first hired as one of Maria Bartiromo's producers on her first prime-time show "Market Week." LaRocco produced, and booked interviews with some of the biggest unattainable names in business. LaRocco's track record has garned the trust and respect from Wall Street rainmakers to Washington. Establishing relationships with some of the best in business, LaRocco's contacts have told her first of business deals in the billions of dollars, enabling her show, "Squawk Box" to break the news first. LaRocco is also the author of "Dynasties of the Sea" (Marine Money International 2012), the upcoming book,"Opportunity Knocking" (Agate Publishing, 2014)and "Thriving in the New Economy" (Wiley, 2010). Prior to joining CNBC, LaRocco was an anchor, reporter and assignment editor in various local news markets around the country.


  • Zandi: In Defense of Fed Independence Wednesday, 24 Nov 2010 | 11:20 AM ET

    The GOP rhetoric against the Fed shows no signs of slowing down this holiday season. Can you imagine what the dinner conversation would be at Thanksgiving Dinner with Representative Ron Paul, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, Senator Bob Corker and Representative Mike Pence? Oh to be a fly on that table!

  • NN_c_suite_200.jpg

    During this time of year, we'll read and hear lots of stories on the pulse of the consumer with interviews from retail CEOs as well as analysts. But another indicator on the overall health of the retail sector is the REITS that acquire, own, develop, redevelop, manage or lease regional and community shopping centers.

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    "Robo-signing" is a big topic in Washington this week with two Capitol Hill hearings addressing the scandal. First up was the the Senate Banking Committee, where Chairman Christopher Dodd called the crisis the "tip of the iceberg.” Today we get the House's hearing on the issue.


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