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Lori Spechler

Senior Editor, CNBC

Lori Spechler is a Senior Editor at CNBC responsible for booking and coverage of major market events. In addition, she has written for CNBC.com and NetNet on topics ranging from gold to the height of women's heels. Formerly a trader and market-maker in commodity options, her resume includes such infamous Wall Street names as AIG Trading Corp. and Drexel Burnham Lambert Trading Corp.


  • Citigroup Center

    "Not as Negative" is the headline comment from banking analyst Mike Mayo following his meeting with Citigroup executives on Friday. Two years in the making, the meeting has sparked headlines and seems to have pushed the stock back over $4 per share.

  • Tomorrow Credit Agricole's Mike Mayo will finally meet with the management of CItigroup to focus on the question: what's Citigroup's plan for the future.

  • Gold

    Last week, noted provocateur John Carney boldly suggested that hedge funds short gold into the recent rally.

  • goldbars_close_200.jpg

    The buzz at the Denver Gold Forum is decidedly bullish. The invitation only conference in the mile-high city brings together miners, investors and hedge fund managers including Victor Flores, Vice President at Paulson.

  • Gold Bricks

    This gold rally has been as orderly as the March of the Penguins — straight line, all participants headed north.

  • Foreclosure

    While reading Gretchen Morgenson’s column, “Housing Doesn’t Need a Crash. It Needs Bold Ideas.”, I was reminded of an experience I had while flying out of Nepal many years ago on PIA Pakistan Airlines.

  • Silver bar and coins

    Silver rallied an impressive 4.6% this week to settle at $19.92 per ounce, its highest close since March 17th, 2008 and its second consecutive week of gains.

  • Gravestones

    Reports that JPMorgan is shutting down its prop trading desk has market watchers wringing their hands about liquidity. “Kiss liquidity goodbye” was the subject of one email I got from a trader. Really?

  • wallstreet_chart_200.jpg

    Corporate bonds are registered securities—municipal bonds are not. That key distinction is meaningful as details of the new law are unraveled and especially meaningful in light of the controversy surrounding bond sales and the ratings agencies.

  • Gold coins and bar

    Is the world going back to a gold standard? Not really. But with central banks around the globe holding more gold in reserve, it certainly has people talking.

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