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  • WASHINGTON, June 22- President Barack Obama will head to Silicon Valley on Friday to a summit aimed at connecting about 1,200 entrepreneurs from 170 countries with the biggest and brightest players in the U.S. tech sector and venture capital community. When he took office, Obama worked to extract U.S. troops from long and costly conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Peter Thiel

    In voting for re-election of Facebook board members, Peter Thiel received more votes than Mark Zuckerberg, BuzzFeed reports.

  • Zuckerberg's low-tech hack to foil hackers

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg uses tape to prevent a remote takeover of his computer's microphone or camera.

  • Mark Zuckerberg has a taped-up webcam

    The Facebook CEO posted a photo of himself which shows a webcam wrapped up with tape.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

    Investors are concerned after shareholders approved a new class of nonvoting Class C shares on Monday.

  • Facebook's Everson on monetizing Instagram

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche talks with Carolyn Everson, Facebook head of advertising about the growth on Instagram and monetizing Facebook advertising.

  • Facebook's next growth area

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports the latest from Facebook's annual meeting including where the tech giant's next leg of growth could come from.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

    Charles Elson, University of Delaware Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance Director, discusses Facebook's approval of a new dual-class share system for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to retain total control.

  • June 20- Facebook Inc shareholders approved a proposal to create a new class of non-voting shares, a move aimed at letting Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg give away his wealth without relinquishing control of the social media company he founded. Shareholders also approved the continued tenure of all the eight board members, including billionaire...

  • Facebook's new share structure approved

    CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports on Facebook's annual meeting where all of the company's proposals were adopted and all board members were re-elected.

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

    Julie Goodridge, CEO & Founder of NorthStar Asset Management, and Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki CEO, discuss Facebook in light of their annual shareholder meeting.

  • WASHINGTON, June 20- President Barack Obama made a plug on Monday for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to a group of 2,400 investors looking at locating business in the United States, saying the deal would help boost the global economy. Trade has become a hot-button issue in the Nov. 8 presidential election campaign, with presumptive candidates from...

  • FB shareholders to vote on new class structure

    The FMHR traders, and Rebecca Patterson, Bessemer Trust CIO, discuss Facebook's vote on a proposed new class of shares which would allow CEO Mark Zuckerberg to maintain his voting control.

  • Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

    Of the top 10 companies in the U.S. with the best talent, eight are still founder-led. LinkedIn looks at what makes them so successful.

  • Facebook's voting structure front and center

    One of the items at Facebook's annual meeting is a new proposal regarding the voting structure of its shares, reports CNBC's Landon Dowdy.

  • Facebook investors to vote on new class of shares

    Neil Campling, global head of TMT research at Nothern Trust Capital Markets, talks about the reasons for Facebook to create new "C" class of shares.

  • Terrorists on social media

    Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson sent a letter to Facebook asking the social media site to turn over data on the Orlando shooter. Vanity Fair special correspondent Nick Bilton, questions why Silicon Valley doesn't want to help the government.

  • June 16- Facebook Inc founder Mark Zuckerberg's philanthropy venture has made its first major investment, leading a funding round in a startup that trains and recruits software developers in Africa. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative LLC, created by Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, led a $24 million Series B funding in Andela, the startup said on Thursday.

  • Russia and the U.S. may have raced to land the first person on the Moon, but the next challenges lie deeper in space, the head of the Russian space agency says.

  • Short-seller Andrew Left after Facebook

    Andrew Left, Citron Research, is shorting Facebook; but tech investor Paul Meeks, doesn't agree with his call.