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    Conflict-of-interest arguments are brewing about whether Morgan Stanley and other banks were allowed to make significant downward adjustments to Facebook's financial estimates during the deal's 9-day marketing period.

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    Nasdaq executives are making an aggressive, behind the scenes push to stem the damage from the Facebook IPO, CNBC has learned.

  • Zuckerberg's Crisis of Confidence

    Was Mark Zuckerberg's decision to wear a "hoodie" to the Facebook roadshow disrespectful to investors? Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst explains why Facebook's shares were hurt by the CEO's fashion choice.

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    Facebook raised  the roof off Wall Street with its  initial public offering, which had a target valuation on the social-media giant as high as $104 billion.  To see where Facebook’s IPO stands now, here are some questions and answers with updates as they happen.

  • Sheryl Sandberg

    She steered clear of any controversial issues -- no talk about the Nasdaq or the stock price. She talked quite a lot about working with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the premium both of them place on honesty and clear, simple communication.

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    Despite Facebook’s trading flop, underwriters on the deal, led by Morgan Stanley, are in line to turn a potentially substantial profit through a trading mechanism designed to stabilize the share price, according to people familiar with the matter.

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    Word of mouth is the most powerful way to market any business. In fact, many studies have shown that consumers are more likely to make purchase decisions based on recommendations from people they know than from a brand’s marketing materials. And this is precisely what makes Facebook such a powerful marketing tool.

  • Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.

    Harvard Business School MBA candidates are preparing to hear from one of the school's most high profile alumnus -- Sheryl Sandberg.

  • Facebook IPO

    If you thought Facebook was a screaming “sell”, could you have shorted its shares on the day of its IPO? That depends on who you ask.

  • 'Buy' Facebook: Analyst

    Laura Martin, Needham senior analyst, explains why she has a "buy" rating and $40 price target on Facebook.

  • Inside the Fumbled Facebook IPO

    Did Facebook's CFO doom the stock of any chance to jump on its first day of trading by boosting the number of shares offered? Shayndi Raice, The Wall Street Journal, weighs in. Also, a look at the role underwriters played in the disappointing IPO, with Quinten Stevens, Stevens Asset Management, managing partner.

  • Retail Investor Hurt by Facebook Trade

    Retail investor Rakesh Chandra shares his experience trading Facebook and the problems he faced getting his trades verified.

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Allowing high-frequency computer traders into the stock market is like letting “rats in the granary,” Warren Buffett’s right-hand man said in an exclusive CNBC interview.

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    "When all the parties to a transaction are greedy, this is the kind of outcome you can expect," the leader of the Vanguard Group said of the Facebook IPO.

  • A Challenge for Facebook's CEO Zuckerberg

    CNBC's Brian Shactman describes Facebook's first day of trading play by play. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Yale School of Management and Gary Burnison, Korn/Ferry International CEO, discuss why they are awaiting a statement from Mark Zuckerberg.

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    While trading glitches at the Nasdaq on the company’s opening day are widely seen as contributing to the sell-off, the stock’s lingering shortcomings are raising questions about whether or not lead underwriter Morgan Stanley (along with other banks) misgauged the demand, and the price of the deal.

  • Bogle on Social Media Stocks: 'A Dangerous Game'

    What impact does Facebook's plunge have on the psyche of the retail investor? Legendary investor and founder of the Vanguard Group, Jack Bogle, offers insight. "It all comes down to value and it all goes away from price, and avoiding IPOs and avoiding even individual stocks is the best strategy for investors," Bogle says.

  • Were Facebook Insiders Clued In?

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs explains a timeline of Facebook's plunge post-IPO. Alistair Barr, Reuters reporter, shares perspective on Morgan Stanley's cut on Facebook during its roadshow.

  • Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy Corp.

    While Mark Zuckerberg’s daily wealth gyrations may be new, the phenomena of sudden wealth loss is not.  It is now part of the world of wealth, where a growing number of personal fortunes are made and lost in the volatile stock market.

  • Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg wed in ceremony held in the backyard of their home in Palo Alto, May 19 2012.

    The speculation about who gets what in the Facebook marriage reflects a common problem in any marriage of (financial) unequals. Experts give views on Zuck's pre-IPO nups.