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US Markets Market Outlook


  • Markets open for trading Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 9:30 AM ET
    Markets open for trading

    The "Squawk on the Street" crew; Mike Santoli, Yahoo Finance, and Ylan Mui, Washington Post, share their thoughts on what investors should be watching throughout the trading day.

  • Friday's market roadmap Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 9:01 AM ET
    Friday's market roadmap

    The "Squawk on the Street" news team reports on today's top business headlines, including a report BlackBerry is entertaining the idea of going private, Priceline shares soar on earnings beat, and a slew of IPOs are slated to debut this morning.

  • Exclusive CFO survey results Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 8:24 AM ET
    Exclusive CFO survey results

    Results of a new CNBC study of chief financial officers show there has been a dip in overall optimism about the economy, reports CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin.

  • Markets break 3-session slide Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 8:02 AM ET

    Thomas Atteberry, First Pacific Advisors; Bruce Simon, City National Rochdale, and Alison Deans, Varick Asset Management, share their thoughts on what's apt to drive today's market activity, and who will likely become Ben Bernanke's successor.

  • Market crash not in this expert's playbook Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 7:52 AM ET
    Market crash not in this expert's playbook

    Charles Kantor, Neuberger Berman, provides his outlook on the market for the remainder of the year, explaining why investors should keep in mind volatility can work in both directions, as the markets prepare for the next Fed chairman.

  • The stock stars beyond Club 1700's velvet rope Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 7:48 AM ET

    The "Talking Squawk" blog runs down market guru Tom Lee's big call, Nelson Peltz's tough quarter, "The Lone Ranger" flop, wearable tech and Yahoo's new logo experiment.

  • Why Brookfield CEO is 'bullish' on America Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 7:10 AM ET
    Why Brookfield CEO is 'bullish' on America

    Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management, provides his perspective on where he is finding the best investment opportunities in the U.S. and explains why he sees "value opportunities" in Europe.

  • JC Penney board vs. Ackman fight Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 7:07 AM ET
    JC Penney board vs. Ackman fight

    Charles Kantor, Neuberger Berman, shares his thought on the feud between the retailer's board and its largest shareholder, Bill Ackman, and explains why Allen Questrom's involvement with JCP at any level would be interpreted as a clear positive.

  • Detroit's bankruptcy woes hurts neighbors: NY Times Friday, 9 Aug 2013 | 6:20 AM ET
    A Detroit city park falls into disrepair as a result to city services cutbacks.

    Budget troubles in the Motor City is causing problems in the municipal bond market for other cities, countries and local governments in Michigan; Marc Faber predicts a 1987-style crash is likely on the horizon, and researchers in Italy are conducting DNA testing on the bones of a woman thought to be the model for Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" portrait, reports CNBC's Becky Quick.

  • How Chinese overcapacity affects markets Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 11:04 PM ET
    Markets in period of liquidity detox: Pro

    The verdict's still out on whether steps to address China's industrial overcapacity has worked. Guillaume Derville, Head of Equity Derivatives Strategy Asia Pacific at BNP Paribas, shares his view.

  • Detroit fallout: Muni-bond offerings stalled Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 7:49 PM ET

    Detroit's bankruptcy filing may be a sign of progress for the struggling city but it's taking a toll on municipal-bond offerings in other parts of Michigan.

  • Sunny days for the global economy? Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 7:00 PM ET
    Sunny days for the global economy?

    Are we underestimating the global economy? Joe Lavorgna, Deutsche Bank; Jared Bernstein, former VP Biden chief economist; and CNBC's Rick Santelli, discuss.

  • The value of diversification Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 6:45 PM ET
    The value of diversification

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer shares a story from his early days working at Goldman Sachs, and how he learned the importance of keeping your portfolio diversified.

  • Cramer's individual stock picking tips Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 6:25 PM ET
    Cramer's individual stock picking tips

    If you want to get started as an individual stock picker, start small, explains Mad Money host Jim Cramer. Invest it what you know, and research it intensely.

  • Cramer was poor, but he still put $ away Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 6:15 PM ET
    Cramer was poor, but he still put $ away

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer says his father "ingrained the desire to save" in him. He explains how selling ice cream taught him the value of market power.

  • Teach your kids about stocks early Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 6:00 PM ET
    Teach your kids about stocks early

    The "skinny" on how Mad Money host Jim Cramer came to love stocks. He started by studying the baseball averages, and found out it was pretty similar to the movement in stocks.

  • You tweet it, we trade it! Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 5:50 PM ET
    You tweet it, we trade it!

    Zynga makes today's "contrarian trade," with the "Fast Money" traders; and how to play Caterpillar, Baidu and other stocks requested on Twitter.

  • Executive Edge: Elon Musk's crack up Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 5:45 PM ET
    Executive Edge: Elon Musk's crackup

    In tonight's "Executive Edge" segment, the "Fast Money" traders look back to Elon Musk's conference call crack up, and Morgan Stanley's Parker turning bullish on the markets. Also, how to play Micron Tech, and Nike.

  • Blackstone's real estate bets Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 5:40 PM ET
    Blackstone's real estate bets

    Discussing the most promising distressed plays in real estate, with Joan Solotar, Blackstone.

  • Blackstone's contrarian bets on real estate Thursday, 8 Aug 2013 | 5:36 PM ET
    Blackstone's contrarian bets on real estate

    Distressed real estate in certain areas hold promise, Joan Solotar of Blackstone says.