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Media Media Money with Julia Boorstin


  • New Allies With A New Enemy Tuesday, 12 Dec 2006 | 9:07 AM ET

    Who could have imagined Disney, Fox, Viacom, CBS and NBC Universal all teaming up together? They're so desperate to compete with Google's YouTube -- and to get paid for all that copyrighted material -- that desperate times have called for desperate measures. But more often that not, too many cooks spoil the broth.

  • YouTube lost its revenue-free hipster vibe when Google acquired it -- which was just fine for users -- but will YouTube become so cluttered with corporate propaganda that it loses its cool? This is the latest...

  • Apocalypto Buzz Friday, 8 Dec 2006 | 11:02 AM ET

    Crazy Mel and his subtitled, violent, cinematically rich ancient Mayan movie is the buzz of the day. Gory head-rolling is perfect fare for the reliable teen boy moviegoing audience ... and the language-transcending action scenes, and yes, blood, may well overcome the poison of subtitles and all of Mel’s bad publicity.

  • Party Time at Sony Friday, 8 Dec 2006 | 5:19 PM ET

    Yesterday I pulled into the Sony lot in Culver City for an exclusive interview with Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton and the mood was certainly celebratory. Huge tents were up for the holiday party and they're prepping for the premiere of the Will Smith vehicle, "Pursuit of Happyness", but the real celebration is one that Warner Bros got to gloat about the past two years, and Disney the year before.

  • The Networks' Biggest Fear- Strike '07 Friday, 8 Dec 2006 | 8:59 AM ET

    What's the buzz in Hollywood? the threat of a writer's guild strike! Last night I was at an event for a non-profit organization -- Storytellers -- and it was packed with TV writers. All the writers (and their significant others/dependents) talking anxiously about whether they'll be forced to be unemployed for months...

  • Yahoo Surprise! Wednesday, 6 Dec 2006 | 6:08 PM ET

    Just a  few weeks ago Yahoo COO Dan Rosensweig had no idea that he was getting the boot-- at a breakfast at the Four Seasons in NYC he was talking about big news in store for the company. And while he acknowledged that in the post-Google-YouTube acquisition world...

  • Satellite radios -- totally over-hyped? Unlikely to be saved by the holiday shopping rush. The news keeps getting worse and worse. S&P today downgrading XM Satellite radio shares to sell from hold. S&P expecting the company to give up its marketshare to Sirius. But Sirius had its share of bad news as well...

  • Director John Moore, actor Bruce Willis and actor Jai Courtney attend the dedication and unveiling of a new soundstage mural celebrating 25 years of 'Die Hard' at Fox Studio Lot.

    Time Warner was banking on a huge turnout for New Line’s ‘Nativity’ after Passion of the Christ … But lo, the bloodless Jesus story didn’t quite have the allure. (Would Passion have done as well if it had been rated PG?) And despite the Fox’s huge run, it isn’t infact, infallible. 20th Century Fox debuted its new teen-oriented label, with its first release, Touristas, this weekend. Horror films are the most reliable genre EVER-teen boys always turn out for blood - but no luck this weekend, dragging home just about $3.5 million. I’d have thought that all of News Corp’s marketing muscle and MySpace...

  • Say Goodbye to the DVD? Wednesday, 6 Dec 2006 | 3:31 PM ET

    Today the next generation of home video took center stage -- say goodbye to the DVD as we know it. There's no surer sign that something has gone mainstream than Wal-Mart selling digital downloads of the new Superman Returns video. DVDs are holding on for now, but if that HD-BLU-ray battle continues, then digital downloads will be the ones to cash in on that dragged out battle over the long run.

  • Welcome to Media Money Monday, 4 Dec 2006 | 1:57 PM ET

    Media is bigger business than ever – tens of billions of dollars of TV ads, movie ticket sales, DVDs, and online ads – and it’s not just the Viacoms and Yahoos that are media companies.


  • Julia Boorstin

    Working from Los Angeles, Boorstin is CNBC's media and entertainment reporter and editor of CNBC.com's Media Money section.