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  • CHICAGO, May 26- A letter arrives in the mail with this opening line: "We are writing to let you know how you can get help paying your Medicare costs." And this year, the data from Social Security will help us reach out to seniors who should be enrolled. " About 30 percent of all Medicare Part D enrollees are in the Extra Help program, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

  • Clinton's plan could raise costs for some Obamacare cutomers

    Hillary Clinton's 'Medicare for More' plan would cover more people, but could also increase health-care costs for some.

  • Hillary Clinton

    Current Obamacare customers might face higher health costs if they moved into an expanded Medicare program.

  • Mushroom

    From ninja-like "Infinity Burial Suits" to becoming part of a mushroom patch, there are some seriously cool disruptions happening to death, says VC Lisa Suennen.

  • U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    These professors point out some "glaring errors" in the attack on Bernie Sanders' single-payer health plan.

  • U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

    What is Paul Ryan doing? He's about to spend his full cache of political power... to get himself ousted as Speaker, says this consultant.

  • May 4- U.S. health insurer Humana Inc, which plans to be bought by larger Aetna Inc, is considering ending the sale of Obamacare individual plans in some states in 2017 to stem losses there. Humana's individual business, which sells plans under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, has been a drag on results, and the company still expects to lose money this...

  • Humana's net income fell to $234 million, or $1.56 per share, in the first quarter, from $430 million, or $2.82 per share, a year earlier, due to higher costs in its retail business. Besides Obamacare individual plans, the business also sells Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug plans, among others. Revenue slipped to $13.80 billion from $13.83 billion.

  • Tenet's hospitals have seen a boost in business from the influx of newly insured patients who bought coverage through the exchanges, created as part of President Barack Obama's national healthcare law. Daniel Waldmann, Tenet's senior vice president of public affairs, downplayed the impact of UnitedHealth's decision, saying insurers can be expected to make...

  • *1st- qtr oper EPS $2.30 vs. est. of $2.23. April 28- Aetna Inc said more customers opted for its Obamacare plans in the first quarter than it had expected, but added that the program needed to be more flexible to become sustainable. The health insurer hopes that the next government would allow companies to tailor Obamacare individual plans every year, just like it does...

  • Centene health checkup: CEO

    Michael Neidorff, Centene Corp. chairman & CEO, discusses how his company has benefited from Obamacare.

  • Medicare began reimbursing physicians in January for time spent discussing their patients' end-of-life wishes. While 95 percent of U.S. physicians support the new benefit, only 14 percent say they have yet billed Medicare for advance planning patient visits, according to a survey of more than 700 U.S. doctors by three healthcare foundations.

  • WASHINGTON, April 19- The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday struggled with the question of when federal contractors can be sued for defrauding the government in a case involving a 19- year-old Massachusetts woman who suffered a fatal 2009 seizure at a mental health facility. Their lawsuit said King of Prussia, Pennsylvania- based Universal Health Services, one of...

  • Protecting your parents' finances

    When it comes to managing money, you want to make sure your parents’ finances are on the right track as they age. CNBC’s Sharon Epperson explains how to safeguard their savings and what you can do to help them.

  • Other agencies which have opened probes against the company include the State Departments of Health in Pennsylvania and Arizona, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The investigations by the Departments of Health of Pennsylvania and Arizona and the FDA have closed, Theranos said. Earlier, Bloomberg reported the...

  • April 13- U.S. federal health regulators have proposed banning Theranos Inc founder Elizabeth Holmes from the blood-testing business for at least two years after determining that the company failed to fix deficiencies at its California laboratory, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid said in letter dated...

  • April 13- U.S federal health regulators have proposed banning Theranos Inc founder Elizabeth Holmes from the blood-testing business for at least two years after determining that the company failed to fix certain problems at its California laboratory, the Wall Street Journal reported. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, in its letter dated March 18, said...

  • Newborn baby crying

    The new primary care payment model will affect up to 25 million patients, and 20,000 doctors by tying patient outcomes to Medicare payments.

  • NEW YORK, April 4- U.S. health insurers that provide Medicare Advantage plans to elderly and disabled Americans will receive government payments in 2017 that are 0.85 percent higher on average than in 2016, reflecting small anticipated growth in medical costs, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said on Monday. Health and Human Services' final plan...