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  • Obama administration hypocritical?

    Republicans will put Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the spot over Obamacare, explains Robert Costa of the National Review. He says top strategists for House and Senate leadership wants to move the argument on Obamacare into something about hypocrisy.

  • Ryan questions CMS administrator on Capitol Hill

    Rep. Paul Ryan want to know there are ways to verify how many people have been offered employer sponsored insurance. "We have ways of verifying" if employer sponsored plans have been offered, says Marilyn Tavenner, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator.

  • What's pushing the doctor shortage?

    As it currently stands, Obamacare would create large-scale doctor shortages. Dr. Brad Allen, M.D. says compensation is down, and malpractice premiums are going up.

  • Hands off Medicare and social security: Union

    Organized labor is making it clear it opposes any idea involving social security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts. Damon Silvers of AFL-CIO, shares his opinions. "We are not going to give cover to Democrats who think it's a good idea to take away economic security to our most vulnerable citizens," he says.

  • Health Care Hold More Symbolic Than Substantive: Expert

    Peter Orszag of Citigroup discusses the administration's decision to delay a key part of the Affordable Care Act and its likely impact on the health-care system.

  • Employer Health Care Postponed

    Ezekiel Emanuel, provost at the University of Pennsylvania, says the administration's delay of mandated employer health-care coverage is really not a huge thing.

  • Key Piece of Health Care Law on Hold

    Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO, and Howard Dean, CNBC contributor, discuss the Obama administration's decision to delay the health-care employer mandate and weigh in on what it means for businesses, workers and investors.

  • Businesses Receive Health Care Reprieve

    Mac Crawford, Crawford Ross partner, discusses the Obama administration's decision to delay the health care employer mandate and what it means for workers, health care providers and investors.

  • A new report finds that seniors who are African-American, Hispanic, female or 80 and older are more likely to face economic woes than other older Americans.

  • Social Security Solvency

    CNBC's Eamon Javers reports on changes made to Social Security and Medicare. Social Security now has resources sufficient to cover benefits until 2033.

  • Rep. Duffy: How to Sustain Medicare

    Rep. Sean Duffy asks the Fed's Bernanke if from a policy perspective if there a way to negotiate a bipartisan solution to rising health care costs.

  • Get Ready For Hospital 'Sticker Shock'

    For the first time ever, the government is going to release data on what medical care actually costs, reports CNBC's Hampton Pearson.

  • Taking the Pulse of Health Care With Cigna's CEO

    David Cordani, Cigna president & CEO, provides insight on the company's earnings; and weighs in on Washington policy.

  • Health Care Stocks Slammed

    Health care stocks are getting hit hard today, reports CNBC's Bertha Coombs.

  • AARP Responds to Commerce Criticism

    Robert Romasco, President of AARP, defends the organizations stand on social security reforms and the impact of entitlement program on the nation's growing deficit problem.

  • A petitioner holds a US flag during a naturalization ceremony.

    Claims that reform would boost the economy are challenged by those who say costs in job losses and spending on social programs would be too high a price.

  • Demonstrators, including many senior citizens, protest in Chicago against cuts to federal safety net programs, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    President Barack Obama's budget plan would change how increases in Social Security benefits are calculated. Experts say that could be devastating to recipients who need cost-of-living adjustments to survive.

  • HMOs Pop on Medicare Decision

    HMO stocks jumped on decisions on 2013 Medicare rates, but is this all roses? CNBC's Scott Cohn and Ipsita Smolinski, offer insight.

  • HMOs: A Reversal of Fortune

    HMO stocks jumped on decisions on 2013 Medicare rates, with CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  • HMOs Jump on 2013 Medicare Rates

    Health insurance stocks like Humana broke out sharply on Monday after the CMS increased the Medicare Advantage rate. The FMHR traders and Steve Grasso discuss how to play these stocks. Also, whether to get cautious on news the Dow has set a new intraday high in 12 of the past 20 trading sessions, with Jason Pride, Glenmede.