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    Take our quiz and find out how much you know about one of the most serious public health problems in the nation.

  • I hate goodbyes. So, rather than get all sappy and sentimental, I'm just gonna say, "Thank you."

  • My last day at CNBC is May 7th. I've decided to make a career change. Because my next act will include working within the health care sector, to avoid even the appearance of a conflict in my remaining days here at CNBC, I won't be blogging or reporting anymore about stock-related stories on my previous beat.

  • Quarterback Sam Bradford #14 of the Oklahoma Sooners stands on the sidelines after suffering an injury against the Brigham Young Cougars at Cowboys Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Arlington, Texas.

    One of the reasons why Sam Bradford is being considered for the top pick is that his surgery was performed by the world’s top sports surgeon, who personally gave his endorsement of a clean bill of health to the St. Louis Rams, who own the rights to the No. 1 pick.

  • It is legal in 14 states and under consideration in many others. It is certainly a growth business and states like California and Colorado are suffering growing pains trying to regulate the industry. So what does it take to become a patient or an owner?

  • Esther Ziemacki on left, mother Linda Farnsworth in middle, Sierra Neblina on right.

    Medical marijuana dispensary owner Sierra Neblina knows about a pain. She's had more than enough of her own. Now the former soldier and contractor is trying to ease the pain of others along with her own.

  • When Jack Cary and his partners set about opening their medical marijuana dispensary Greenwerkz they had a business plan and a list of potential investors. Now, $100,000 later, they have two outlets and seven employees.

  • David Nugent and Linda Lensing, who own and operate the Herban Wellness medical marijuana dispensary, moved to Denver a year ago. They have two employees and 500 patients.

  • Marijuana Is Addictive, Destructive And Dangerous

  • My decades in addiction medicine have taught me that keeping marijuana illegal has not decreased access to youth but in fact increased it. It is easier for under-age youth to get marijuana for that it is alcohol and cigarettes where at least you have to show an ID.

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    Is marijuana a harmless giggle, as John Lennon once called it, or a dangerous and illicit addiction? The debate has once again been pushed to the forefront, thanks to a couple of timely factors.

  • Why We Should Not Legalize Marijuana

  • One senator discusses the evolution of the state's thinking, from medical marijuana to decriminalization to even limited tax-and-regulate legalization.

  • Henri A. Termeer, chief executive of Genzyme

    Because of a drug factory shutdown, Jeannine Lipez of Lock Haven, Pa., says she can no longer even walk across the street without getting spasms in her left leg and will probably need an operation to replace an artery.

  • The Life & Times of Tim

    With a nod to my colleague Jane Wells' "Funny Business" blog and at the risk of getting armies of pharma sales reps mad at me, I am sending out a DVR alert for Episode 15 from the second season of an HBO animated comedy called, "The Life And Times Of Tim."

  • Twitter

    A few months ago I blogged that Pops had taken the bold step of jumping on Twitter and actually tweeting (that's Twitter-speak for sending out messages of 140 characters or less.) Well, now, a sell-side biotech analyst is tweeting, too.

  • Ray Elliott put in less than six months on the job last year at Boston Scientific as the medical device maker's new CEO. But, according to "The New York Times," in that short amount of time Elliott received enough total compensation to make him the second-highest paid head honcho behind only Oracle's Larry Ellison (albeit a distant #2.)

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    Former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan reinforced increasingly confident assessments by the Obama administration that the nation’s latest job numbers reveal a resurgent economy.

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    FDA advisory committee votes sometimes end in confusion. First, because the actual vote often gets all convoluted and recounted as some panelists hem and haw about voting thumbs up or thumbs down and try to equivocate their decision. And second, because no matter how many times I've explained it to people here, the votes get misread and miscommunicated as actual approval or rejection of a drug versus a recommendation that the FDA clear or spike a drug.

  • Jeff Kindler, Pfizer Chairman and CEO

    The world’s largest drug company, Pfizer, has handled mergers badly, invented too few drugs and left its reputation in disrepair after two criminal cases.  And that is the assessment of its own chief executive. The NYT talks to Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler.