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  • Mark Nelson, left, shows off $460 worth of Powerball lottery tickets he bought at Bluebird Liquor, a shop with a reputation for lottery luck, in Hawthorne. On right is owner of liquor store James Kim.

    Now that the Powerball jackpot is worth over $500 million, it has become theoretically easy to guarantee a win. Picking the right numbers isn’t the problem anymore—it’s all a matter of logistics.

  • Expect the market to trade sideways with the “fiscal cliff” looming, with a few exceptions, technical analyst Chris Verrone of Strategas said Thursday on CNBC.

  • Prosecutors Link Money From China to Iran

    Early this week,JPMorgan Chase announced that it had achieved “another major milestone” in the attempt to transform one of the most important markets in the financial system. Almost no one noticed.

  • EBay Earnings Top Forecasts, Outlook Is In-Line

    Lawmakers want to investigate eBay.

  • Here's our Fast Money Final Trade. Our gang gives you tomorrow's best trades, right now!

  • Cramer: Until ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal, Buy These Stocks

    Congress wants out of its constitutional responsibility over our national debt.

  • Warren Buffett and his long-time friend Carol Loomis, an editor at Fortune, appeared live on CNBC's "Squawk Box" to promote a book that collects the magazine's past articles about the Omaha billionaire.During the interview, Buffett said he expects Congress to reach a "fiscal cliff" deal but thinks it could happen after the December 31 deadline.This is a transcript of the entire appearance on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 8a ET.

  • Apple’s iPhone 5 Is Set to Debut in China on Dec. 14

    Apple's iPhone 5 will be available for sale in China on Dec. 14.

  • Warren Buffett's $250K Difference of Opinion with Obama

    Warren Buffett says he supports President Obama's efforts to eliminate the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, but in an op-ed piece in The New York Times, he disagrees on where to draw the line.

  • Could the 'Fiscal Cliff' Kill Splunk's Big Data Boom?

    Splunk's big data business is growing worldwide and has yet to experience any slowdown from "fiscal cliff" fears.

  • More Signs of the Apocalypse

    You know the Mayans were right when in 2012 we care more about apps than actual maps, when women want to bind themselves (in binders?) to TMZ-worthy sperm, and when Bieber Fever is reduced to duct tape.

  • Among retailers poised for a profitable holiday shopping season, several names look to stand out in the sector, Durban Capital’s Steve Kernkraut said Thursday on CNBC.

  • GUPPY SEPT 18.jpg

    The Dollar Index could fall rapidly over three to four weeks, which puts immediate pressure on other dollar-linked currencies.

  • Stocks Rally on Mushy ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Rumors

    Wall Street is betting Congress will resort to its fractious ways before a "Fiscal Cliff" deal is reached, and that could upset the stock market—and holiday shoppers.

  • Angel Sites: for Startups, Investors

    Online services such as AngelList allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect with angel investors they would never otherwise meet. Is the platform right for you?

  • Recession Hits World's Oldest Profession

    The brothel, Mustang Rang, is outside Reno, Nevada, in a region hit hard in the downturn.

  • Zynga Tumbles on New Terms With Facebook

    Zynga shares plummeted than ten percent after the game maker and Facebook revised their two year-old agreement, now treating Zynga with the same rules as it applies to all other game developers.

  • Rodney Dangerfield No More? RIM Earns New Respect

    At least for the moment, RIM is the beneficiary of a wave of newfound optimism that is catapulting its stock from the 52-week low it hit on Sept 24.

  • ‘Pet Parents’ to Spend Big This Holiday Season: PetSmart CEO

    Home Depot and Lowe’s are clear housing recovery stocks, but investors might want to add PetSmart to that list.

  • Bulls Fill Their Carts With Dollar General

    Traders filled their carts with Dollar General on Thursday, looking for the stock to rally.