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  • Happy Monday! At least it is for the likes of James Cameron, Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges who, among others, are savoring Golden Globe victory this morning. Not a sequel or remake in sight amongst the winners.

  • Populism was the theme at this year's Golden Globes — success at the box office translated to gold statuettes.

  • There were digs at NBC throughout the night at the 67th Golden Globe Awards.

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    The Golden Globes are Hollywood's most intimate awards show.

  • MGM is waiting for a buyer to swoop in and save it from bankruptcy. Bids were technically due today at 2 pm eastern, and they're starting to trickle in. The historied studio has struggled with declining DVD sales and its attempt to re-start production with its latest movie "Fame" was a bomb. A dozen studios and private equity players signed non-disclosure agreements to evaluate the deal and now about six bids are expected.

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    Hollywood's annual awards season are underway: celebrities are gathering designer gowns and prepping for the red carpet, and movie studios are hoping to bring home some awards.

  • Dick Ebersol

    The verbal battle in the late-night wars got louder Thursday as a top NBC executive struck back against on-air attacks on the network’s once and future “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno.

  • A Haitian woman in Port-au-Prince

    Celebrities are tapping into the power of social media to drive donations to help the three million people in Haiti that are desperately in need of aid.

  • The Walt Disney Company just announced more changes at its movie studio, appointing Sean Bailey president of production to replace Oren Aviv, who resigned earlier this week.

  • As we watch unemployment rates hover around 10 percent the entertainment industry is facing its own labor crisis — it isn't because of the economic downturn, but piracy.

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    Based on what little I know about the way Hollywood works (Julia Boorstin's our go-to reporter on that stuff), when I saw that CBS Films was releasing "Extraordinary Measures" in January, I assumed that couldn't be a good sign.

  • Fairgoers wear special '3D' glasses as they watch a movie on a 3D TV screen.

    If you’ve ever seen a movie in 3-D — “Avatar,” “Up,” “Polar Express” and so on — then you’ve already seen the effect. You wear plastic glasses, and you get a sensation of depth in the movie image. Sometimes the filmmaker pulls cheesy stunts like having a character shove a pole “out of the screen,” nearly into your face; at other times, as in “Avatar,” the 3-D effect lends a subtler depth and realism to a scene.

  • Netflix

    Netflix has been on a run, announcing deal after deal to make digital access to its movie library available to subscribers from their televisions.

  • It's a rough time for AOL employees — up 1,200 of them will get pink slips over the course of the week.

  • Conan O’Brien says he will not do “The Tonight Show” if it airs at 12:05 a.m. He released the following statement Tuesday afternoon.

  • Jay Leno

    NBC announced that it's canceling Jay Leno's 10pm show and hopes to move him to 11:35pm for a half-hour show but nothing has been decided yet.

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    Fox's ratings behemoth starts its 9th season tomorrow night, on the heels of a big announcement from host Simon Cowell. At Fox's presentation at the Television Critics Association press tour, Cowell announced this would be his last year hosting American Idol. This doesn't mean an end to his top billing on Fox; he's bringing his British talent show "The X Factor" to the US in 2011.

  • Yahoo

    Former NBC Entertainment chief Ben Silverman and Barry Diller's IAC/Interactive Corp teaed up last fall to launch a new studio called "Electus" to create entertainment, ads and branded content. Now we're finally seeing what this merger of new and old media has up its sleeve.

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    I grabbed Comcast CEO Brian Roberts for an interview at CES. After walking the show floor he says it seems that the *consumer* is king, as all these technologies on display give increasing flexibility for how, when, where and what consumers can watch.

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    To quote CBS Interactive President Neil Ashe “Historically ‘next year’ was always the year for mobile in the interactive space and this year, I think it’s actually true."