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  • Shazam CEO: We're one of the 10 most populer apps in world

    Rich Riley, Shazam CEO, discusses the company's partnership with media agency Mindshare and securing a $40 million investment from billionaire Carlos Slim.

  • Sirius XM

    Pandora cannot work without a "lot more advertising," SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer told CNBC. "The competition for me has always been free" radio, he continued.

  • Sirius CEO: In 70% of new cars built

    Discussing Sirius' strategy to put its radio in more cars, with James Meyer, Sirius XM CEO. Liberty Media president, CEO & director Greg Maffei, asks Meyer how many Sirius-enabled cars are not currently active users.

  • Sirius CEO: Our music stations will remain ad-free forever

    James Meyer, Sirius XM CEO, discusses how his radio remains competitive against Pandora. Liberty Media president, CEO & director Greg Maffei, weighs in.

  • Violinist plays Stradivarius for CNBC

    Violinist Aisha Syed fills the CNBC studio with music by playing her Stradivarius violin.

  • Great returns to be found...in violins?!

    Florian Leonhard, founder of Florian Leonhard Fine Violins, talks about his restoration business and how investing in violins brings in double-digit returns per annum.

  • Pandora not big enough idea: Steinberg

    BuzzFeed president and COO and CNBC contributor Jon Steinberg says Pandora is a "little bit cheap, but the company needs innovation."

  • Spotify worth $4 billion?

    The "Squawk on the Street" news team discuss Pandora's earnings beat, and what Spotify's valuation after it secures $250 million in new financing might be.

  • Spreecast co-founder: Focused on media & education

    Spreecast co-founder and CEO Jeff Fluhr, discusses his company's focus on media and education, as well as how Spreecast differs from Ustream.

  • Kid Rock

    Home regulations need to be relaxed in Detroit as the city fights back from financial ruin, musician and Michigan-native Kid Rock told CNBC.

  • Diddy to Buffett:  'I need some advice'

    Sean "Diddy" Combs wants to compete with the world's top business people, and during an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo he asked for some advice from Warren Buffett .. on how to become even richer than the Omaha billionaire.

  • Nick van de Wall, aka Afrojack

    A peek inside the world of Afrojack, the popular music DJ who has helped transform electronic dance music.

  • Lady Gaga

    Twitter queen Lady Gaga has made an art of data mining through social media. In the process she's revolutionized the music industry.

  • John Paulson on why he bought Steinway

    Many on Wall Street wonder why John Paulson bought Steinway. Paulson says he hopes to be an owner for a long time.

  • Steinway CEO: Delighted Paulson wanted Steinway

    Steinway CEO Michael Sweeney says he hopes John Paulson will be involved in the day to day operations, and discusses the latest expansion of the business.

  • Live Nation's ticket to profits

    Live Nation has rallied more than $100 percent over the past 52 weeks. Live Nation CEO Mike Rapino discusses his business model, and where he sees opportunities to grow around the world.

  • Oops, she did it again

    Although pop star Britney Spears earned millions for commercials with Pepsi, she is investing in Coke. CNBC's Jane Wells has the story.

  • Opening Pandora's box

    With Apple's release of iTunes Radio this week, will Pandora be able to keep momentum? Barton Crockett, Lazard Capital, weighs in on the music streaming service up almost 200 percent this year.

  • Will.i.am on finding his voice

    Will.i.am shares a childhood anecdote in which in uncle reprimanded him for a word he used and taught him the importance of "filling your mind with words".

  • Will.i.am: 'shame on the music industry'

    Will.i.am says that the music industry should have grown and created tools such as Napster itself, and highlights that it's now repeating the same mistakes with iTunes.