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  • Former NFL players draw up plays for investors

    Former NFL wide receiver Phil McConkey, Academy Securities, and former NFL quarterback, Scott Brunner, Net Worth Management Group, discuss their client's biggest concerns in the market and share their picks for this weekend's football games.

  • The NFL turns profit on settlement?

    Last week the NFL and former players settled a lawsuit for $765 million for damages from concussions they suffered while playing. The league is maneuvering a way to help teams turn a profit from the lawsuit. Daniel Kaplan, Sports Business Journal, and Tom Freeman, UBS Financial Services, break down the possibility of that plan.

  • NFL by the numbers

    If you're planning on going to an NFL game this season, you better be ready to pay up. CNBC's Dominic Chu offers insight on the most expensive games in the league.

  • Fantasy football on the go

    With most of the country¿s Fantasy Football League set in motion, which team is the CEO of the first ever mobile Fantasy Football League choosing this year? Find out from the Fanium CEO!

  • From the gridiron to Wall Street

    CNBC's Dominic Chu reveals the highest priced game tickets for the 2013 NFL season. And 2 former pro football players Tom Freeman, UBS Financial Services Group; and David Howard, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, join to discuss their transition into investing from the NFL.

  • Hottest NFL tickets this season

    With the NFL football season kicking off tonight, CNBC's Dominic Chu breaks down the most expensive teams and games in the National Football League this year.

  • The two sides were trading blame, rather than blood vials, over hGH. The banned substance is far harder to detect than steroids.

  • Cramer's fantasy football picks

    In Mad Money host Jim Cramer's second segment of fantasy football stock picks, he explains why investors also need a "wide receiver" play like Amazon, Netflix or EOG Resources.

  • The Arizona Cardinals and New England Patriots face off in a regular season game played in heavy snowfall.

    With the Farmers' Almanac predicting snow around the time of New York's first Super Bowl, NFL officials wore brave faces on CNBC a day before the regular season kicks off.

  • Robert Kraft, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft did little the clear up the mystery of how Russian President Putin ended up with his Super Bowl ring. But on CNBC Wednesday, Kraft made Putin an offer.

  • Les Moonves, president and chief executive officer of CBS Corp.

    Advertising rates on network television and for TV show viewing online will soon be the same, "so we won't care where you watch," CBS Chief Leslie Moonves told CNBC on Wednesday.

  • The new football season can serve as a great source of inspiration not just for the couch potatoes of the nation, but for small-business owners as well.

  • Putin & Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft lays to rest the idea that Russian President Putin stole his Super Bowl ring. Kraft says he gave it to him as a gesture of friendship. But Andrew Ross Sorkin isn't so sure.

  • The big business of professional football

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believes football is made to be played in the elements, so he's excited about having the Super Bowl in the Northeast. He also addresses the NFL's concussion settlement with the Players Association.

  • Super Bowl comes to Secaucus

    Woody Johnson, New York Jets owner, and Jonathan Tisch, Giants treasurer and chairman of Loews Hotels, talk about the Super Bowl coming to a cold weather location and and what it means to host the biggest sporting event in the world. With New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft.

  • Secret to Patriots' success

    Robert Kraft, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group and owner of the New England Patriots, shares his outlook for the team and the upcoming season. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joins the conversation and discusses his TB12 Sports Therapy Center.

  • Tom Brady Patriots NFL

    It's one thing for a business dispute to knock out CBS programming in some three million homes during rerun season. Football season is another matter entirely.

  • Awareness of head injuries in football is increasing yet there's no major indication parental fear is resulting in fewer kids playing the game, according to current statistics.

  • But there is more at stake in the Champions League than a shiny trophy. The tournament is critical for a club's financial success and poor performance could have a big impact on a team's economic health, according to analysts.

  • NFL settles concussion lawsuit for $765 million

    Patrick Rishe, Webster University sports business professor, discusses terms of the NFL's settlement over concussion-related brain injuries—just days before the start of the season.