Weather Natural Disasters

  • Weather forecast to be faster, more accurate

    NASA and NOAA will launch a new satellite next month that would help revolutionize the way we forecast the weather.

  • Central Italy rocked by two powerful earthquakes

    Two earthquakes have hit the central region of Italy, yet no casualties have been reported. Gilberto Saccorotti, senior researcher at INGV National Institute of ‎Geophysics and Vulcanology, discusses.

  • A picture shows rubbles in the village of Borgo Sant'Antonio near Visso, central Italy, after earthquakes on October 26, 2016.

    Earthquakes rocked a wide area of central Italy on Wednesday, striking fear among residents rattled by a deadly tremor in August.

  • JAMBI, Indonesia— Indonesian officials say hopes are diminishing of finding alive any of the 11 men buried by a landslide at an illegal gold mine on the island of Sumatra. Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said that rescue teams, including police and soldiers, tried to reach the victims Wednesday. The World Bank estimates that 40 percent...

  • FAIRVIEW, Okla.— The third-largest earthquake in Oklahoma was likely triggered by underground disposal of wastewater from oil and natural gas production, the U.S. Geological Survey found in a report issued Monday. The magnitude 5.1 quake that struck northwest of Fairview in February was likely induced by distant disposal wells, the agency said.

  • PALM BEACH, Fla.— Donald Trump said he received a $17 million insurance payment in 2005 for hurricane damage to Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, but The Associated Press found little evidence of such large-scale damage. Two years after a series of storms, the real estate tycoon said he didn't know how much had been spent on repairs but acknowledged he...

  • Students participate in earthquake preparedness program

    Earthquakes are notoriously unpredictable. But new prediction models suggest we're in for a big one, but we don't know when.

  • As international aid pours into hurricane-stricken Haiti, Team Rubicon is rallying troops of veterans to provide hands-on relief.

  • CALGARY, Alberta, Oct 18- Some five months after the wildfires that devastated Fort McMurray were extinguished, anger over red tape and the slow pace of insurance payouts and permit issuance is flaring in the remote northern Canadian city. More than 1,900 structures were destroyed by the wildfire last May, which forced the evacuation of about 90,000 residents...

  • An abandoned truck lies in submerged waters after Hurricane Matthew hit Lumberton, North Carolina October 9, 2016.

    Flooding spawned by Hurricane Matthew has caused $1.5 billion in damage to 100,000 homes, businesses and government buildings in North Carolina.

  • NIIGATA, Japan, Oct 14- A regional election north of Tokyo between candidates most Japanese have never heard of may decide the fate of the world's biggest nuclear plant and mark a turning point for an industry all but shut down after the Fukushima disaster. Tepco, as the company supplying about a third of Japan's electricity is known, is in turn vital to Prime...

  • North Carolina Army National Guardsmen and local emergency services assist with evacuation efforts.

    Two more North Carolina deaths were confirmed by the governor Thursday, bringing the Hurricane Matthew total death count in North Carolina to 22.

  • Flooded street caused by remnants of Hurricane Matthew on October 11, 2016 in Fair Bluff, North Carolina

    Another death was confirmed, Gov. Pat McCrory said, telling reporters: "I cannot emphasize enough to stay away from the water. It will kill you."

  • CHICAGO, Oct 12- Flooding from Hurricane Matthew has killed up to 5 million poultry birds in North Carolina, most of them chickens, the state's top environmental official said on Wednesday, hurting a major contributor to its economy. North Carolina officials have been racing to help farmers swamped by Matthew and to assess damages since the storm dumped heavy...

  • KINSTON, N.C., Oct 12- Rivers swollen by rainfall from Hurricane Matthew rose dangerously higher in North Carolina on Wednesday, prompting officials to go door to door urging residents to leave as a wide swath of the state faced its worst flooding in 17 years. The damages continue to mount in North Carolina. The floodwaters have forced more than 3,800 residents to...

  • CHICAGO, Oct 12- Flooding from Hurricane Matthew has killed up to 5 million poultry birds in North Carolina, most of them chickens, the state's top environmental official said on Wednesday, hurting a major contributor to the local economy. Agriculture is the top industry in North Carolina, contributing about $84 billion to the economy, according to the state's...

  • CSX CEO on earnings

    Michael Ward, CSX CEO, discusses his company's earnings and outlook, Hurricane Matthew, the current state of coal production and the presidential election.

  • KINSTON, N.C., Oct 12- Officials in North Carolina said they would go door to door on Wednesday urging people to leave low-lying areas as rivers swollen by rainfall from Hurricane Matthew continue to rise, threatening homes and resulting in more drownings. Floodwaters have swamped areas across the central and eastern part of the state, forcing more than 3,800...

  • LUMBERTON, N.C./ KINSTON, N.C., Oct 11- Flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew has displaced several thousand people in North Carolina, and authorities were helping more evacuate on Tuesday as swollen rivers threatened a wide swath of the state. Governor Pat McCrory warned of "extremely dangerous" conditions in the coming days in central and eastern North...

  • Residents and rescue teams navigate floodwaters on October 10, 2016 in Lumberton, North Carolina.

    Six more people in North Carolina have been killed by floodwaters sweeping the state after Hurricane Matthew, authorities said Tuesday, NBC News reports.