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    It looks like it may be a busy weekend for Williams Companies, its advisors and its board of directors as the company seems likely to move ahead with an offer to top Energy Transfer's latest $40-a-share offer for Southern Union, according to sources.

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    Ahead of large-scale protests planned for this Friday, Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf stressed that the government respects the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully.

  • Energy Transfer Equity has agreed to pay a revised $5.1 billion for pipeline company Southern Union, increasing its offer in an effort to trump rival bidder Williams Cos.

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    High oil prices and concerns over the safety of nuclear power following the Fukushima crisis in Japan are reigniting interest in renewable energy, with wind power likely to be a major beneficiary, Tulsi Tanti, chairman of Suzlon Group, told CNBC.

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    With half the world's known reserves of oil and gas sitting in the fields of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and the rest of the region, not many people think of the Middle East as having problems with energy.

  • The engine maker's top executive talks about the company's future prospects, including nat gas-powered vehicles.

  • WPRT Teams Up with GM

    Westport Innovations CEO David Demers discusses a deal with GM to develop nat gas engines, with Mad Money host Jim Cramer.

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  • Gazprom

    Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly, could take advantage of Greece's sovereign debt crisis to strengthen its leading position on European gas supply and counter attempts by the European Union to diversify its energy relationships.

  • CHK CEO Talks Nat Gas with Cramer

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer weighs in on nat gas after the recent flurry of negative press. CHK CEO Aubrey McClendon also weighs in.

  • In an interview with Cramer, the executive responds to recent claims made against the nat gas industry.

  • The "Mad Money" host explains why he thinks two recent Ponzi scheme allegations are untrue.

  • No Huddle Offense: Nat Gas

    "I love to call out a Ponzi scheme when I think I see one, but Nordic American and the nat gas industry? Give me a break. Totally untrue and absolutely outrageous," says Mad Money host Jim Cramer.

  • Nat Gas CEO Fires Back at NYT

    EOG CEO Mark Papa responds to New York Times criticism of the nat gas industry. "The shale gas revolution is real," he tells Fast Money.

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    The numbers on major shale companies financial statements do not add up, said Deborah Rogers, advisory council member for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

  • Plus, the "Mad Money" host's take on natural gas.

  • Nat Gas: Boom or Bust?

    Discussing whether the natural gas sector is about to bust, with CNBC's Brian Shactman, and Glenn Darden, Quicksilver Resources president & CEO, and Deborah Rogers, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

  • At the Southwestern Energy Co., natural gas production site, water and sand are mixed and then pumped through the tubes at pressures over 6,600 psi into the well during fracture stimulation, at the Marcellus Shale formation in Camptown, Pennsylvania, U.S.

    Natural gas companies have been placing enormous bets on the wells they are drilling, but the gas may not be as easy and cheap to extract  as the companies are saying, reports the NY Times.

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    Earlier this year, when Williams Companies approached Southern Union to talk about acquiring the company, the two sides didn't make much headway, say people familiar with the approach.

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    The International Energy Agency is ready to release more oil onto the market if necessary, Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the agency, told CNBC in an interview Friday morning.