Oil and Gas Natural Gas Prices

  • U.S. Nat. Gas Futures Rebound

    CNBC's Kate Kelly reports a major natural gas producer will cut production in the near future and that could cause a price rebound. Trader Steve Grasso advises, if you want to play natural gas, buy the actual commodity.

  • Chart Industries CEO on LNG Business

    Sam Thomas, Chart Industries CEO, discusses the growing demand for liquefied natural gas and the numerous LNG facilities his company is building overseas, with Mad Money's Jim Cramer.

  • mm_avatar_100_urken.jpg

    Jim Cramer’s researcher, Nicole Urken, takes a look at some beneficiaries of low nat gas prices leading into earnings.

  • It was a news-filled week for the markets and the business the world in general; major deals, wild gyrations, price slides and some major worries. But some fun things happened too. Click ahead to see what we believe are the more significant events of the past week.

    It was a news-filled week for the markets and the business world in general. Click ahead to see what we believe are the more significant business events of the past week.

  • A graphic of a sample virtual power plant (VPP).

    The greenest power plant of the future may be one that is already built and can be found in many communities.

  • Recurrent Energy solar power plant on a farm in northern California.

    Farmers in California and Ontario, Canada, are signing 20-year leases with a firm that places small solar installations on marginal land.

  • Solar plant

    A glut in solar panels has driven down prices, and the oversupply may take a while to clear, according to industry executives. At the same time, low-cost natural gas is making gas-fired plants more attractive. the New York Times reports.

  • Time for Coal to Rebound?

    Coal stocks are feeling pressure as power stations switch to cheaper natural gas. David Lipschitz, Metals & Mining analyst, weighs in on whether the worst could be over for coal stocks.

  • ETP CEO on Profit Pipeline in Natural Gas

    Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren discusses his company's 7.7 percent yield and how he plans to transform his business, with Mad Money's Jim Cramer.

  • market-insider-commodities-trader-oil-nat-gas.jpg

    Natural gas futures broke the psychological $2 level for the first time since January 2002, and lower prices are in store.

  • Pickens on Taxes & Natural Gas

    Discussing the "Buffett Rule"and how natural gas prices can be turned around, with Boone Pickens, BP Capital Management.

  • Tweet the Street

    The Fast Money Halftime Report traders discuss what's trending on Twitter now.

  • Yelp Inc., the site that lets users review everything from diners to dentists.

    Europe recovering a bit, no doubt helped by European Central Bank Executive Board member Benoit Coeure, who said that the bank still had the option of buying Spanish government debt under its Securities Market Program. Also helping: Alcoa, up 5 percent pre-open.

  • Putting Natural Gas to Use

    Dave McCurdy, American Gas Association President & CEO, says the direct use of natural gas is an opportunity for consumers.

  • Energy XXI CEO on Making Money in the 'Oil Patch'

    John Schiller, Energy XXI CEO, discusses where he sees oil prices headed and how his company plans to make money, with Mad Money's Jim Cramer.

  • Santelli's Truck Conversion & Nat Gas Revolution

    CNBC's Rick Santelli shows how to convert a pickup truck from gas to nat gas, and discussing whether the nation is on the verge of a natural gas revolution, with Jeffrey Ventura, Range Resources president & CEO.

  • In 1991, energy costs ranked 25th as a concern for small business according to the state of Colorado’s Director for the National Federation of Independent Businesses. By now, energy costs have risen to one of the top 10 greatest concerns for small business.

  • Hedging the Nat Gas Plunge

    CNBC's Kate Kelly discusses the winners and losers as a result of the nat gas plunge. Natural gas hit a 10-year-low today.

  • chesapeake_flag_200.jpg

    Chesapeake Energy, the second-largest natural-gas driller in the U.S. and an active user of derivatives for hedging against the ebbs and flows of its core business, recently removed its most of its 2012 derivatives positions, leaving the company naked to big dips in natural-gas futures prices just as they are hitting a ten-year low.

  • Anadarko CEO on Fueling the Future

    Anadarko Petroleum is among the largest independent oil and nat gas exploration and production companies in the world. James Hackett, Anadarko chairman & CEO, weighs in.