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    Western governments are bankrupt, Ruth Richardson, ex-New Zealand finance minister whose austerity cuts were dubbed "Ruthanasia," warned in a CNBC interview.

  • A beverage company has asked a team to drill through Antarctica's ice for a lost cache of some vintage Scotch whiskey that has been on the rocks since a century ago.

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    The instructions in Air New Zealand’s new in-flight safety video are given by employees who are nude except for body paint and strategically placed seat belts.

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    With the financial markets in chaos, it feels more and more like the world is turning on its head. Well the advertising world is turning to heads, literally.

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    Nearly 1.4 billion shares and $18 billion traded yesterday in CNBC's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge.  Check out the bets being made today...

  • The New Zealand government on Friday turned down an amended separation plan proposed by Telecom Corp, saying the company would have to do more to implement rulings to boost competition.

  • Edmund Hillary

    New Zealand's Sir Edmund Hillary, who along with Nepal's Tenzing Norgay Sherpa became the first to conquer Mount Everest, has died. He was 88.

  • New Zealand's Auckland International Airport said on Thursday the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board had proposed changes to a part of its $1.4 billion partial takeover plan.

  • New Zealand's central bank held interest rates steady on Thursday at 8.25 percent as expected, and said it was likely to keep them there for longer than it had previously thought because of increasing inflation concerns.

  • New Zealand casino operator Sky City Entertainment Group, which has put itself up for sale, said on Wednesday it had been told by a potential buyer that a compelling offer may be made soon.

  • Malaysian plantations to energy group Sime Darby relisted on the local market on Friday at a 36 percent premium to its indicative price, after its merger with two other palm-oil groups.

  • New Zealand casino operator Sky City Entertainment Group, which has put itself up for sale, extended a bid deadline to the end of next week, saying it had not yet received any takeover offers.

  • Private equity firm TPG is the only possible bidder for New Zealand casino operator Sky City Entertainment Group after a deadline for due diligence passed, the Dominion Post newspaper said on Wednesday.

  • The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board formally launched a $1.4 billion bid for a stake in New Zealand's Auckland International Airport on Friday, prompting the airport to seek rival offers.

  • Canada's state pension fund said on Wednesday it would make an all-cash offer for a stake of up to 40 percent in NZ's Auckland International Airport, a week after the company rejected a previous offer.

  • Telecom Corp. of New Zealand, which is being forced to split up by the government, posted a flat first-quarter net profit, and slightly increased its profit forecast range but said its forecasts were clouded because of regulation.

  • New Zealand's central bank held interest rates steady at 8.25 percent on Thursday, as expected, but said rising food prices and increased government spending were adding to persistent inflation pressures.

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    A New Zealand brewer is offering a lifetime supply of free beer in exchange for the return of a laptop stolen in a break-in.

  • Do you remember the bug scene in King Kong (the 2005 version) where the heroes get dumped by Kong into the bottom of a ravine filled giant insects?  Well, one of those creepy crawlies might just have been a weta.

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    Ask any New Zealander, better known as Kiwis, -- what is ugly as sin and tasty as hell? -- and the response you will get is a kiwi!