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  • Euro bills and coins

    Some of Europe’s biggest fund managers have confirmed they are dumping euro assets amid rising fears over a possible Greek exit from the euro zone and single currency turmoil, the Financial Times reports.

  • France's Hollande Is Made President

    French socialist Francois Hollande is inaugurated as president in the Elysee Palace in Paris; Nicolas Sarkozy takes his leave.

  • The German chancellor will open the forum in Switzerland. During Europe’s debt crisis, Merkel has emerged as a powerful figure. No doubt she’ll continue to be much watched at Davos. European leaders on Jan. 14 promised to expedite plans to strengthen spending rules and get a permanent bailout fund established, after Standard & Poor’s of several euro zone countries' creditworthiness.

    In the cacophony of the euro zone debt crisis, there are some voices that matter. Eurogroup chair Jean-Claude Juncker. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. EU Commissioner Olli Rehn. And, of course, "@Queen_Europe,” a.k.a. the Twitter artist formerly known as "@Angela_d_Merkel.”

  • Hollande Wins French Presidential Election

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy concedes defeat to Socialist Francois Hollande in Sunday's presidential election. CNBC's Stephane Pedrazzi filed this report.

  • European Union Flag

    It has been a weekend of major change in the European political landscape, with elections in France, Greece, the UK, Germany and Italy.  Some observers are now saying that if the politics of austerity continue, Europe could be in danger of breaking up.

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    Sunday will bring elections in both France and Greece. Here's your trading strategy.

  • French President Nicholas Sarkozy

    President Nicolas Sarkozy’s hopes of re-election suffered a further knock when the leader of France’s centrist party shifted his support to the Socialist challenger already buoyed by a strong performance in the campaign’s only head-to-head television debate, the Financial Times reports.

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    May Day, Europe’s equivalent to the U.S. Labor Day, is traditionally a protest day, a symbol for workers and trade unions, but upcoming elections in France and Greece are bringing a new level of political importance to the annual holiday.

  • Francois Hollande, Socialist Party (PS) candidate for the 2012 French presidential election, speaks in a gymnasium during a visit on January 29, 2012 in Paris, during the traditional Chinese New Year festivities in the French capital.

    Hedge fund managers make for unlikely supporters of François Hollande, the French socialist presidential candidate, the Financial Times reports.

  • French Socialist Party (PS) candidate for the upcoming Presidential Election Francois Hollande addresses the audience during a campaign meeting at Le Bourget on January 22, 2012 in Paris, France.

    The front-runner for the French presidency, the Socialist candidate François Hollande, said on Wednesday that if elected he would ask other European leaders to renegotiate a fiscal treaty in order to promote growth, the New York Times reports.

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    The euro's recent resilience is baffling some investors, but this strategist has ideas about the causes.

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    Singapore reports inflation and France's election roils Europe - it's time for your FX Fix.

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    A crush of earnings news in the coming week will compete head on with new data on the health of the U.S. economy and worries about Europe’s debt crisis.

  • French President Nicholas Sarkozy

    Nicolas Sarkozy is in deep trouble and is looking, for now, as if he could be the first one-term French president since 1981. The New York Times reports.

  • French Rivals Clash on Euro

    Discussing the French election and its impact on Europe and the euro, with Nicholas Burns, Harvard Kennedy School of Government professor.

  • European Elections & U.S. Markets

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discusses what Americans can expect from the upcoming European elections and its impact on U.S. markets.

  • Economist Emmanuel Saez

    High earners who are worried thattheir rates will rise have more than just the White House and Washington to blame. They can also look to two academically revered, if publicly obscure economists whose work is the subtext for the battle over tax fairness, The New York Times reports.

  • French far-right party Front national (FN) president and FN candidate for 2012 French presidential election Marine Le Pen sings the Marseillaise at the end of a campaign meeting, on March 17, 2012 in Ajaccio,  in the French Mediterranean island of Corsica.  AFP PHOTO/PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA (Photo credit should read PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA/AFP/Getty Images)

    As the French presidential race enters its final lap, President Nicolas Sarkozy and his socialist opponent Francois Hollande look set to move on to the second round of the elections. But the country's far-left and far-right candidates may cause an upset.

  • French President Nicholas Sarkozy

    Aware that French government bonds could come under attack if France’s high level of public debt isn’t tackled, French presidential front runners Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande both have pledged to balance the budget.

  • President of French far-right party Front National (FN) and candidate for the 2012 French presidential election Marine Le Pen speaks during a press conference on April 10, 2012 in Nanterre, near Paris.

    As Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande race for victory in the French presidential elections, the leader of the country's far right National Front - currently forecast to come third in the race - has a tough fight on her hands.