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  • Bank of Japan Doing the Right Thing

    Uwe Parpart, Managing Director, Head of Research at Reorient Financial Markets says the Bank of Japan is doing the right thing and he still thinks Japan is a buy.

  • The BOJ will consider taking further steps to curb any spike in bond yields when it debates policy on Tuesday, with the recent market turbulence threatening its stimulus plan.

  • Robert Zoellick: Japanese Growth is a 'Sugar High'

    Robert Zoellick, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics explains why he thinks Japan needs to invest heavily in structural reforms.

  • Abenomics - The New Fed?

    Tim Seymour, Managing Partner at Triogem Asset Management says Shinzo Abe and Haruhiko Kuroda are acting like a Federal Reserve, ready to prime the pump to boost consumer confidence.

  • After weeks of heavy selling in Japan's equity market and volatility in government bonds, a degree of stability is now expected to return with stronger-than-expected data.

  • Equities Will Continue to Rise: Peter Oppenheimer

    Goldman Sachs' Peter Oppenheimer, explains why he remains bullish on global equities, how European corporates will benefit from global recovery and why he prefers the FTSE to the SMI.

  • As Japanese stocks entered bear market territory on Friday, investors are wondering if they are seeing a repeat of market letdowns back in 1999, and again in 2003.

  • Although the fall in Japan's benchmark stock index over the past two weeks has been much steeper than anticipated, the market might just escape bear market territory, strategists say.

  • Nikkei Business Report

    The Japanese government is reviewing the investment strategies of the nation's public pension funds to boost its performance. The Nikkei's Makiko Utsuba has more.

  • Why Japanese Volatility Is Far From Over

    Charles Beazley, CEO of Nikko Asset Management, expects the Japanese market's volatility to continue and highlights that it makes for "good entry levels" over the coming months.

  • How to Trade the Nikkei

    Ben Collett, head of Asian equities at Sunrise Brokers, says he is trading the Japanese market on a per-session basis and that it will be "left to its own devices" until elections in the autumn.

  • The Nikkei Has Peaked: Pro

    Takuji Okubo, Principal & Chief Economist, Japan Macro Advisors says Abenomics is not working as expected. He expects the run in Japanese markets to come to an end. John Woods at Citi Private Bank joins in the conversation.

  • Will Japan Face a 'Abe-geddon' Scenario?

    Alex Friedman, Global CIO of UBS Wealth Management sees the possibility of stagflation in Japan. He says it faces a 'Abe-geddon' scenario if there is no real growth to accompany asset price inflation.

  • Nikkei Business Report

    Prime Minister Abe¿s much-anticipated Third Arrow strategy is expected to focus on creating special economic zones with bold regulatory reforms and tax cuts to help support growth. The Nikkei's Sachiko Kishida has more.

  • Nikkei Could See 'Some Relief': Pro

    Roelof Jan Van Den Akker, senior technical analyst at ING Wholesale Banking, charts the Nikkei and discusses short and long-term trends in EUR/USD and USD/ZAR.

  • Nikkei Will 'Surprise on the Upside': Pro

    Yra Harris, partner on Praxis Trading, explains why he is not expecting any reversal in the market and why the Nikkei will surprise people on the upside.

  • Japan's blue-chip stock index has in May suffered its two sharpest sell-offs for the year and its high volatility is fueling concern about a spill over into other major markets.

  • Why Global Markets Ignored the Nikkei's Sell-Off

    Michael Crofton, President & CEO at Philadelphia Trust Company says that while investors were spooked by the Nikkei's 5 percent plunge on Thursday, focus still remains on the Fed.

  • The Japan Effect

    Nikkei futures remain volatile ahead of Japan's open, reports NBC's Sri Jegarajah. Joshua Pierce, Baystate Wealth Management, explains why Japan has nowhere to go but up.

  • Are European Equities Still Cheap?

    Kevin Gardiner, CIO for Europe at Barclays, expects "some sort of technical step back" in the short term in European equities, but adds that it remains an "inexpensive" market.