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  • In this Oct. 24, 2011 file photo released by China's Xinhua News Agency, visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, left, meets with late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, front right, in Pyongyang, North Korea.

    Amid reports of more executions and political tension in North Korea, the regime is moving forward on economic policies, increasingly tied to China.

  • North Korean leader feeling 'confident': Pro

    James P. Rooney, chairman at Advanced Capital Partners, comments on North Korea as the country prepares for Kim Jong-Un's birthday.

  • Pyongyang's power struggle

    Chung Min Lee, South Korean ambassador for National Security Affairs says the purge of Kim Jong-Un's uncle was due to money reasons, hard currency earnings and the classic power struggle.

  • How will Kim Jong-un react to US pivot?

    Joseph Detrani, President at Intelligence and National Security Alliance, says the North Korean leader should be concerned about America sending more troops to South Korea.

  • Former US NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman (C) speaks to members of the media as he makes his way through Beijing's international airport on December 19, 2013. Rodman is on a visit to North Korea from December 19 to 23.

    Dennis Rodman has arrived in North Korea for the third time, but insists that he's not going to talk politics or human rights.

  • People in Seoul watch television news showing Jang Song-thaek in court before his execution on December 12, 2013.

    North Korea's execution of a high-ranking official suggests a ruler threatened by the economic elite's power. And the purge is likely far from over.

  • Remain 'vigilant' on North Korea

    Shaun Cochran, head of research for Korea at CLSA, discusses the situation in North Korea following the execution of King Jong Un's uncle and what it means for investors.

  • Kim Jong-Un's consolidation of power

    John Park, North Korea Specialist at Harvard Kennedy School discusses the next phase in the Kim Jong Un's consolidation of power, 2 years since the passing of his father.

  • What North Korea purge means for its neighbors

    Andrew Gilholm, Senior Analyst for China and Korea at Control Risks, says Jang Song-thaek's execution will increase uncertainty in China over Kim Jong-un's leadership.

  • North Korea executes second most powerful man

    North Korea's state agency says it has executed the uncle of leader Kim Jung Un, the country's second most powerful man. CNBC's Chery Kang reports.

  • North Korea sacks Kim Jong Un's powerful uncle

    CNBC's Chery Kang reports on the latest political developments in North Korea.

  • Doing business in North korea

    Joseph Naemi, Director at HBOil talks about the impact of sanctions, risks & opportunities in Mongolia and North Korea.

  • North Korea's Kim Jong-un receives doctorate

    A Malaysian university awarded an honorary doctorate in economics to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

  • Aviation Industry Corporation of China employees hold a model of the JF-17 fighter jet at an aviation expo in Beijing, Sept. 28, 2013.

    China is establishing itself as a credible competitor in the global weapons market. The NYT reports.

  • Congressional debate over Syria

    Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., Foreign Relations Committee chairman, discusses his opinions over whether the U.S. should strike Syria heading into Tuesday's hearings. Will the country be drawn in to a much larger conflict?

  • Kaesong deal a sign of progress with the DPRK?

    Joseph DeTrani, President of Intelligence and National Security Alliance, says the two Koreas' plan to reopen Kaesong is a positive development, but doubts remain over the path Kim Jong-un is taking.

  • Reining in North Korea

    Troy Stangarone, Senior Director, Congressional Affairs & Trade at the Korea Economic Institute, discusses how China and South Korea can work together to denuclearize North Korea.

  • Biggest Outside Threats to the U.S.

    What are the biggest outside threats to the U.S. markets? Syria? Turkey? Iran? Peter Kenny, Knight Capital, and Helima Croft, Barclays, tell CNBC what they're most concerned about around the world.

  • North Korea No-Show No Surprise

    Joseph Detrani, President of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, says pressure is mounting on North Korea to address the issue of denuclearization, so the break down of talks with South Korea is not surprising.

  • The Key to Peace Between the Two Koreas

    Matthias Maass, Assistant Professor of International Relations at Yonsei University thinks China holds the key to a sustainable peace between North and South Korea.