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    A hedge fund replication exchange-traded fund , designed to mimic the performance and exposure of the hedge fund industry, was one of the more resilient investments in August, outperforming broader markets—including hedge funds.

  • Now is the time to buy oil stocks before they change course and rise, two analysts told CNBC Thursday.

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    If you are searching for the pincer of the recent stock market correction, look no further than clothing retailers. A report from TheStreet lists five clothing retailers that are ripe for investors who want to buy quality at a low price.

  • These five stocks are the best performers on the S&P 500 in September over the last 10 years.

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    During the last six decades, September has been the cruelest month of the year for the bulls. The Dow is down an average of 0.9 percent for the month since 1950.

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    With August coming to an end Wednesday, here is a look at the best and worst performing stocks within the major U.S. averages.

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    Are large-cap stocks about to nosedive? The "Dead Cross"—a bearish technical indicator that occurs when a market's 50-day moving average crosses below its 200-day moving average—was triggered at the end of trading for large-cap stocks on Tuesday, according to Dow Jones Indexes.

  • As the markets seesaw day to day, investors are looking for companies that offer safety in addition to generating a return. Investing in well-researched companies with attractive dividends can offer stability amid market volatility, said one asset management president.

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    A decade later, the financial shock can be seen as one of a half-dozen financial dominoes to befall the U.S. economy in a long boom-and-bust period, but with one key difference — the wound was not self inflicted.

  • Pimco bond baron Bill Gross reportedly said it was a mistake to sell Treasurys before a big rally this year. When a bond fund manager underperforms his or her benchmark index, "you go home at night and cry in your beer," Gross said, according to a report from TheStreet.

  • Stocks under $5, such as TeamStaff and Majesco Entertainment, have more than doubled already this year even as most small-cap stocks have been brutalized by economic weakness and global debt woes, according to a report from TheStreet.

  • The latest research shows that a diversified stock portfolio is now a somewhat contradictory concept. Whether it’s the proliferation of ETFs, high frequency traders or something else, the bottom line is that all types of stocks—large or small—are showing a high degree of correlation.

  • ...A report from TheStreet.

  • Many investors have been tested this year, as a confluence of events, from natural disasters to an unexpectedly weakening economy, has pummeled stocks. A report from TheStreet details four high-profile, respected fund managers who have struggled this year.

  • Homebuilder stocks may be rising today, but two analysts remain cautious about buying further into the sector.

  • Earnings reports have the power to create big volatility in stocks, particularly when bullish numbers are reported for a stock that's heavily shorted. Here are three stocks that are set to rise on earnings reports, according to a report from TheStreet.

  • Yahoo shares have climbed more than 5 percent over the last month, but there’s still no reason to be a buyer as the Internet company continues to face a handful of problems, said Colin Gillis, senior tech analyst at BGC Financial.

  • While the economy may be at the end of the business cycle, this should not be feared. Instead, investors can exploit these inflection point. Here are five stocks that are set to fall on earnings this week, according to TheStreet.

  • The S&P/Case-Shiller housing data released Tuesday did nothing to change RBC Capital Markets analyst Robert Wetenhall's bearish view on homebuilders. "We’re expecting home prices to decline another 5 percent to 10 percent year over year," he told CNBC.

  • Starbucks' conservative approach to raising prices has enabled the coffee chain to post a increase in traffic and same-store sales in the last quarter as coffee prices continue to soar, said Matthew Difrisco, Lazard Capital Markets analyst.