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  • Bob Doll, chief equity strategist at BlackRock, says investors should buy oil stocks amid the unrest in the Middle East.

  • Only 30 give quarterly and annual earnings and sales guidance.

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    Rising oil continues to trip up stocks, and the S&P 500 could take another run at the psychologically important 1300 level, while the situation shakes out.

  • Cisco shares have declined 10 percent for the year while a handful of the tech bellwether’s smaller rivals have been trading higher. Mark Sue, director of telecom equity research analyst at RBC Capital Markets explained how the Dow component should refocus its strategy.

  • Last week it was Wal-Mart with a dividend increase ... who’s next?

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    London Stock Exchange Group is considering making a takeover bid for Nasdaq OMX Group later this year, the Sunday Times reported, continuing the rapid consolidation of the world's major stock markets.

  • Despite surging oil prices, the markets will continue to move higher, said Barton Biggs, managing director at Traxis Partners.

  • It's the basic question when investing in a stock: is it on the way up or will it go down? To answer this question, the street has developed numerous ways of attempting to predict what will happen, estimating various attributes tied to stock performance in order to determine what the future holds for a company's valuation.After dissecting the data, analysts following a particular stock produce a price target of where they believe the stock is headed. From the entire S&P 500, which stocks are ana

    It's the basic question when investing in a stock: is it on the way up or will it go down? Which stocks do analysts on average predict will have the biggest pop? Click ahead to find out!

  • What's So Wrong with Research

    Legendary value investor Bob Olstein of Olstein Funds explains the pitfalls of following sell-side research.

  • Value stocks and funds are where investors should be putting their money right now, said Adam Bold, founder and CEO of The Mutual Fund Store, and John Morris, managing partner at Crestwood Advisors.

  • When it’s too good to be true, and too easy, maybe it is for a reason. Wednesday a research firm called Muddy Waters Research, which specializes in Chinese stocks, issued a report that claimed “irrefutable evidence of fraud” at Chinese MediaExpress—a Chinese company that claims to put advertising on inter-city buses in China.

  • Investors should be taking advantage of coal’s recent pullback by buying some of the producers, said Jeremy Sussman, coal analyst at Brean Murray, Carrett & Co.

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    The march towards Friday's jobs report has begun, and anything tied to employment is of big interest Thursday.

  • Mad Money, March 2, 2011

    Mad Money host Jim Cramer provides traders with all manner of investing advice.

  • Fast Money, March 2, 2011

    CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders discuss the day's top trades and the stocks they'll be watching tomorrow.

  • Despite the health effects and new regulations, many stocks in the tobacco sector are hitting new highs Wednesday. Philip Gorham, analyst at Morningstar, said the sector could continue rallying.

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    There's no argument about the company's performance and execution, but Brad Safalow of PAA Research believes it’s time for investors to distinguish between the stock and the company’s true potential as a business.

  • Investors should be looking into high-quality, large-cap companies that can fare well in this type of volatile environment. That's according to David Spika, VP and investment strategist at WHG Funds, and Ethan Anderson, portfolio manager at Rehmann Financial.

  • Investors can benefit from playing these contrarian plays, also known as "out on a limb" stocks, said Jeff Utz, managing director and U.S. equity products manager at Credit Suisse.

  • The next big risk to the markets: sellers and buyers of securities not honoring their end of the deal on mortgage-backed securities and ETFs.