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    Individuals with direct knowledge of the investigation say that the SEC is focusing on stock promoters, investment bankers, auditors and law firms that have been active in recruiting Chinese companies to U.S. stock exchanges and raising capital for those companies by selling new shares. ...A report from TheStreet.

  • While 2010 has been a year for the regional banks, 2011 will be best for the large financials, said Jeffery Harte, managing director in equity research at Sandler O’Neill.

  • CNO Financial has leveled off after a nice rally this month, but one bull believes that more gains are on the horizon for the insurance company.

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    News on Tuesday that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Chinese reverse mergers spotlights something I’ve been saying for months if not years: Buyer beware.

  • U.S. companies have recently gone on a “buying spree” for emerging market assets, but the money is about to flow in the opposite direction, with the BRICs using their cash reserves to buy up American firms, said Tim Seymour, founder of Seygem Asset Management.

  • We’re in a cyclical bull market that started last year but stocks are overbought for the moment, according to Art Nunes, CIO of Northwest Asset Management.

  • Shares of graphics chipmaker Nvidia are down almost 20 percent year-to-date. But will the firm see a turnaround in the new year—and should investors get in now?

  • W.R. Grace has been rallying along with most other chemical makers, but now the bears are stepping in.

  • With fiscal stimulus coming to an end and continuing woes in the housing sector, should investors brace for another recession? Jason Trennert, chief investment strategist at managing partner at Strategas Research Partners and David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Gluskin Sheff & Associates shared their insights.

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    To be clear, I'm not saying the muni market today offers the same opportunity as it did in 2008, during the heart of the credit crisis. But it now presents a fantastic opportunity for those looking to generate tax-free income, and here's why.

  • Microsoft and Cisco Systems were among the five top "dogs of the Dow" in 2010. Which of the two is a better bet as we enter 2011? Charlie Smith, chief investment officer and co-founder of Fort Pitt Capital Group, and Cliff Draughn, president and CIO of Excelsia Investment Advisors, offered CNBC their analyses.

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    The market is pricing in that it's going to be another whippy year for the Euro. Here's why and how to strategize effectively.

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    General Electric looks promising as we head into the near future. Upward action from this U.S.-based conglomerate will mean a nice payday for investors in 2011. ...A report from TheStreet.

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    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's threat to release five gigabytes of data revealing "flagrant violations, unethical practices" at a large U.S. bank has many wondering: What's the worst-case scenario? ...A report from TheStreet.

  • Stocks struggled Friday as concerns over the euro zone debt crisis were renewed. David Stepherson, senior portfolio manager at Hardesty Capital Management, Rob Morgan, chief investment strategist at Fulcrum Securities and Don Schreiber, founder, president and CEO of WBI Investments shared their best investment plays.

  • Steel Dynamics lit up with call buying early this week and saw another wave of upside activity late Thursday.

  • Financials have trailed the market this year, but is 2011 the chance for a new rally in banks? Anton Schutz, president of Mendon Capital, and Ron Carson, CEO and founder at Carson Wealth Management, shared their outlooks.

  • Stocks struggled to gain Thursday, as a handful of positive economic news barely budged the market after FedEx posted disappointing results—but raised its outlook. John Morris, managing partner at Crestwood Advisors and Sarat Sethi, partner and portfolio manager at Douglas C. Lane & Associates shared their insights.

  • Stocks were mixed Thursday despite a batch of relatively positive economic news. Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services shared his market outlook.

  • Petrohawk Energy is a name that has lit up OptionMonster's tracking systems on and off for quite some time, and traders showed yesterday that they still like the oil and natural-gas company.