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    Despite continued improvement for the banking industry as a whole, third-quarter regulatory data indicates the accelerated pace of bank failures will hold up for at least two more quarters. ...A report from TheStreet.

  • Stocks turned mostly positive Friday, as investors absorbed the meaning of a surprising surge in payrolls in the wake of the Fed's plans to pump more money into the economy. David Katz, CIO at Matrix Asset Advisors, and Don Schreiber, founder, president and CEO of WBI, discussed their market outlooks.

  • The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, slipped to a 6-month low this week and is down more than 20 percent since May. What does this mean for stocks and how should investors position their portfolios? Tim Freeman, head of U.S. equity derivative sales at Capstone Global Markets, shared his insights.

  • The most interesting option trade was in the November 13 calls, which saw a single block of 10,000 bought as the stock dropped but failed to reach a new intraday low. The company's stock snapped back hard and pushed higher, finishing the day up 0.94 percent at $11.76.

  • Stocks got a boost on Thursday after President Obama said he is open to extending the Bush-era tax cuts across all income levels. Kevin Caron, market strategist at Stifel Nicolaus, and Chief Investment Officer David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors, both see the news helping stocks add on to recent gains.

  • The Republican victories in Tuesday's elections are apparently already having an impact on market mood. Warren Meyers, DME Securities trader, told CNBC that Wall Street has a new optimism.

  • A sign advertising $10 dollar toys is seen in the toy department of a Walmart store.

    Emergency unemployment benefit claims have tracked Wal-Mart’s stock fairly closely over the last two years.

  • Gold soared near $1,380 an ounce on Thursday as the dollar plunged, after the Federal Reserve said it would pump $600 billion into financial markets. Jason Toussaint, managing director at World Gold Council, shared his outlook.

  • Stocks surged at the open Thursday and kept climbing through the morning, as the market digested the Federal Reserve's decision buy $600 billion in long-term Treasury bonds. Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services, shared his insights.

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    Past Republican congressional victories have given a boost to merger and acquisition activity and the current political change could mean more of the same, according to several industry experts.  ...A report from TheStreet.

  • Pulte posted a bigger quarterly loss than expected Wednesday related mainly to insurance reserves and charges to write down land. Megan McGrath, homebuilder analyst at Barclays Capital shared her analysis.

  • Where should investors look to make money now? John Merrill, founder and CIO of Tanglewood Wealth Management, and Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx, shared their best sector plays.

  • Stocks were mixed following several positive economic reports, and a day after Republicans won many seats in races nationwide and took control of the House. Lawrence Glazer, managing director at Mayflower Advisors, and Bill Smead, CEO and CIO of Smead Capital Management, shared their outlooks.

  • How should investors position their portfolios post-election? David Dietze, president and chief investment strategist at Point View Financial Services, and Michael Cuggino, president and portfolio manager at Permanent Portfolio Funds, shared their insights.

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    With the highly anticipated Federal Reserve policy meeting a day after the election on Wednesday, a steady stream of quarterly results and the nonfarm payrolls number later in the week, investors will have an overload of information to digest. ...A report from TheStreet.

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    OpenTable, the online restaurant reservations company, announces earnings after the close today. Forget about whether the company meets or beats.  The only thing that really matters is the quality of new deals it strikes with restaurants added to its roster of customers.

  • As voters are headed to the polls on this Election Day, which sectors should investors buy or sell? Kelly Campbell, founder, principal and CEO of Campbell Wealth Management, shared his best plays, sector by sector.

  • Is a political gridlock good for stocks? Ron Carson, CEO and founder of Carson Wealth Management Group, and Adam Bold, CEO and founder of The Mutual Fund Store, shared their views.

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    It seemed appropriate on The Strategy Session yesterday that on a program where we focused on the disappearance of "Merger Monday," that the first real "take-under" since JP Morgan's acquisition of Bear Stearns transpired.

  • Privatized prison stocks have seen a modest gain in the past three months, so is there room to run from here? T.C. Robillard, analyst at Signal Hill discussed his insights.