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  • Stocks opened lower on Wednesday as a slew of firms beating earnings estimates failed to generate much market momentum. Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services, shared his insights.

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    "I really believe that the industry has bottomed, that we're not going to see further crashes in home prices or in home sales," banking analyst Dick Bove told CNBC.

  • Eastman Kodak is down 60 percent in the last month, and the options are looking for further declines.

  • Producer prices index dropped by more than what economists had expected and housing starts rose less than anticipated. So what does this mean for the American economy going forward? Steven Wieting, director of economics and market analyst at Citigroup and Michael Pento, chief economist at Delta Global Advisors shared their outlooks.

  • A flood of companies have yet to report earnings throughout this week, so how should investors prepare their portfolios? Jason Pride, director of research at Haverford Investments, shared his views.

  • Stocks retreated on Tuesday after several earnings reports beat expectations but economic numbers missed their targets. What should investors expect going forward into 2010? Dan Chung, CEO and CIO of Fred Alger Management, shared his insights.

  • Currencies may play a role in the global economic recovery down the road, but in the short-term, the relationships among major currencies won't impede a rebound, said John Lipsky, first deputy managing editor of the International Monetary Fund.

  • The market's rally has been similar to the geyser after the waterfall, and while it isn't yet time to "be in the bunker," it's time to start playing a little more conservatively, said Barry James, co-manager of the five-star rated James Balanced Golden Rainbow Fund.

  • Stocks opened mixed after several earnings reports beat expectations but economic numbers missed their targets. Dan Genter of RNC Genter Capital Management and Alan Gayle of RidgeWorth Capital Management shared their market outlooks.

  • Caterpillar posted better-than-expected earnings on Tuesday and raised its full-year forecast. Eli Lustgarten, analyst at Longbow Research, shared his analysis of the company and two other global construction firms.

  • Peabody was drawing bearish options activity ahead of its earnings report before the bell this morning.

  • Stocks rallied on Monday on optimism about the slew of earnings ahead this week. So how should investors be positioned? Nick Calamos, head of investments and chief investment officer of Calamos Investments, and Brian Belski, chief investment strategist at Oppenheimer, shared their market insights.

  • Oil hit a 1-year high on Monday, driven by bullish sentiment across the financial markets. John Kilduff, vice president and co-head of MF Global, as well as a CNBC contributor, discussed the future of oil prices.

  • The bulls are targeting QLogic today, three days before the provider of networking products reports earnings.

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    Since the market’s low on March 9, it’s become increasingly apparent that technology is a standout sector. Here are two ETFs that may help simplify your tech investing.

  • David Nierenberg of the D3 Family Funds shared his market insights from the Value Investing Congress in New York and where investors can look to make profit.

  • Stocks moved higher on Monday, despite a wobbly start. Where should investors look to put their money? Sam Dedio, portfolio manager of the Artio Small Cap Fund, which is up almost 70 percent this year, shared his small cap stock picks.

  • The technology sector has soared since the March lows, so does it have more room to run? Jeff Donlon, senior analyst with the 5-star Manning & Napier Pro Blend Max Fund said there are some names that may be poised to continue rising despite the industry’s already impressive climb.

  • Tech giant and iPhone manufacturer Apple is due to report fiscal fourth quarter earnings results after the bell on Monday and applied technology senior analyst Yair Reiner at Oppenheimer & Co. expects the company to beat Wall Street expectations.

  • Is a weak dollar necessarily negative for the economy? David Gilmore, partner at Foreign Exchange Analytics, shared his insights.