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  • Stocks opened lower Friday after the US government said the economy grew in the second quarter but at a slower pace than some had anticipated. Arthur "Art" Hogan, director of global equity product at Jefferies shared his market outlook.

  • A large trader turned bullish on Ultra Petroleum late Thursday ahead of its earnings report Friday morning. OptionMonster's real-time systems detected a single print of 8,000 August 45 calls bought for $1.15. The unusual volume dwarfed the strike's daily average of 172 calls...

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    It sure was when it came to the integrated oil names. Exxon Mobil stock had become a whipping boy for "closet-indexing" money managers, who fretted about having exposure to the space, and risk arbitrageurs, who were selling (XOM) on fears it might buy BP.

  • Warren Buffett

    Most people consider Warren Buffett a value investor, but his methods aren't so simple. His style has evolved over the years and incorporated strategies of growth investing. To earn high returns as Buffett has, an investor needs to go beyond price-to-earnings ratios or other metrics commonly followed by value investors.  A report from TheStreet.

  • Investors should best head for the exits on the oil trade until an expected round of volatility works itself out, says Dennis Gartman, hedge fund manager and author of The Gartman Letter.

  • Stocks fell on Thursday, erasing their gains from a higher open, but Michael Cuggino, president and portfolio manager at Permanent Portfolio Funds, said he still see the markets as “glass half-full.”

  • Visa reported a profit of $716 million on Wednesday after the closing bell, outpacing estimates, as consumers resumed spending. Robert Dodd, senior transaction processing industry analyst at Morgan Keegan shared his analysis on the credit card giant.

  • Question Marks

    Vistaprint is getting clobbered today and investors appear to be justified in doling out such serious punishment.

  • Stocks rose on Thursday after a drop in jobless claims and strong earnings reports from ExxonMobil. James Dailey, CIO and senior portfolio manager at Team Asset Strategy Fund, and Mike Holland, chairman at Holland & Company, discussed their market insights.

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    To me, using cash to hire and expand business is a positive action, but for whatever reason, the move is being frowned upon by investors. And as the saying goes, the market is always right, even if you personally disagree with it.

  • Blackberry Curve

    Since the initial shock of Research In Motion's(RIMM) disappointing quarterly earnings numbers last month, a number of investors have tried to call a bottom and point out how cheap are the company's shares. They shouldn't. A report from TheStreet.

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    Earnings season is underway and stocks are rallying on better-than-expected profits. In this report from TheStreet, here are 10 companies that beat analysts' earnings expectations by wide margins. They are ordered by outperformance, from smallest to biggest surprise.

  • So far, 77 percent of the S&P 500 companies that have reported earnings exceeded expectations, which has led to lower price-to-earnings ratios. So with P/E ratios low and interest rates even lower, why aren’t stocks higher? Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab and Erik Ogard, director at Russell Investment Group shared their insights.

  • Everyone got out of hand with too much leverage a few years ago. Now in deal making, the media banker said, "we are giving companies enough leverage to actually transact in sectors—sometimes with leverage ratios that are higher than if they traded in that same sector."

  • Investors should look for companies with strong earnings and growth potential, said Doug Bantum, head of sales at Capstone Investments. He discussed his best plays.

  • Stocks wavered on Wednesday as investors sifted through a mixed bag of earnings and a drop in durable-goods orders. Joseph Duran, CEO and co-founder of United Capital Financial Partners, and Ron Carson, CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group, discussed their market outlooks.

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    There is always the danger one class of shares could get acquired, which would throw the relationship out of whack. There are also liquidity issues as well. But biggest reason for me is the notion that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Gold might be breaking down technically, but you wouldn't guess it looking at the options activity in gold-related stocks yesterday.

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    Amid all the kerfuffle over Europeans outing their weak banks, it seems people have forgotten how surprisingly strong the US banking system has become. The six largest banks earned nearly $15 billion, or $3.87 per share, for common stockholders in a single quarter — despite huge challenges ranging from market volatility to concerns about a double-dip recession to the political winds blowing harder against their core business models. A report from TheStreet.

  • Stocks pared their gains on Tuesday as worries about a drop in consumer confidence offset some earlier better-than-expected earnings results. Ted Parrish, co-portfolio manager at Henssler Equity Fund, and Eugene Peroni, senior VP and portfolio manager at Advisors Asset Management, shared their insights.