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    The 2008 Beijing Olympics present an unparalleled marketing opportunity for global brands looking to expand their presence in the dynamic Chinese market.

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    One year from Wednesday, Aug. 8, the 2008 Olympic Games will begin in Beijing -- focusing the world's attention on China like never before.  As part of our one-year countdown to the games, CNBC sent Darren Rovell and Melissa Lee to China for a series of special reports.

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    I know. Why am I talking about this? You thought this was a sports business blog. Well, this week I've been trying to give you something a little bit different as I'm filing from Beijing. (Programming reminder: Next week, we're taking you behind the business of the 2008 Olympic games. You can watch my stories on CNBC or see them here on the Web site.) Anyway, back to my thought.

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    China is looking to score big in hosting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games next August, but the judging will be very tough. 

  • Where is Racist Park?

    Before coming to Beijing this week to cover the year before the Olympic stories, I read several articles about the city trying to fix bad English translations. Signs that supposedly read "Don't Bother" instead of "Do Not Disturb" and a place called Ethnic Minorities Park dubbed in English as "Racist Park."

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    I'm here thanks to a long plane ride, during which I watched "Blades of Glory" twice and read two books on the history of China. You thought the Boston Celtics were a dynasty? Imagine being dominant for 300 years! Anyway, I've come all this way so that I can bring you all the important business stories of the '08 games on the year-out anniversary on Wednesday, August 8 and actually throughout next week on CNBC.

  • Great Wall of China

    The anticipation gets pretty heady when you've got 13 hours on a plane, with little more than a book, a bad movie and a magazine to keep you busy. I am in Beijing, China. I left Washington Dulles airport at 10:15 pm and landed in Beijing at 2:00 in the afternoon the next day. I'm here reporting a number of stories on what businesses are doing to prepare for the olympics (they are just about one year away), how this country is seeing unprecedented economic growth and how companies are harnessing that boom to help their own bottom lines.

  • London is home to some of the world's most opulent hotels, but with five-star rooms in short supply during the Olympic Games this summer, wealthy visitors are increasingly turning to private homes to meet their accommodation needs.An estimated 500,000 extra visitors will travel to London for the Olympic Games this year, and with the majority of city's top hotels fully booked or charging extortionate rates for their very best rooms, renting a beautiful home in one of London's most desirable distr

    London is home to some of the world's most opulent hotels, but wealthy visitors are increasingly turning to private homes to meet their accommodation needs. Here are some of the best.

  • 2012 Olympic Rings Unveiled at St Pancras International Station

    Border agency guards including immigration and passport workers at Heathrow airport who had threatened to strike for 24 hours over job cuts on the eve of the Olympic Games called off their action on Wednesday, their union said.

  • Tower Bridge and City of London financial district

    Most London firms say business has not been boosted by the upcoming Olympic Games, according to a report by UK real estate firm Business Environment.