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Just Ask Bill
Former President Bill Clinton
In an extended interview with On The Money, President Clinton shares his view on the state of the American economy from the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative. He also weighs in on the 2016 Presidential race; on Hillary's run, and the possibility Vice President Joe Biden could enter the race and oppose her. Plus, the former President discusses his relationship with Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Making Big Data Personal
Jay Kreps, Confluent Co-Founder and CEO
Neha Narkhede, Confluent Co-Founder and Head of Engineering
Ever wonder how Netflix suggests other movies you might like? Or how LinkedIn provides industry contacts you may want to connect with? It's the work of a small tech start-up called Confluent that uses free software to do it. The co-founders met while working at LinkedIn, and developed a software company that makes Big Data relevant to client companies, including Goldman Sachs, Airbnb and Twitter. Confluent CEO Jay Kreps and Head of Engineering Neha Narkhede discuss how their business helps companies gain instant digital insight into the everyday lives of individuals…and how they're profiting from it.

Social Security Conundrum
Sharon Epperson, Senior Personal Finance Correspondent
Last year, 36% of men and 41% of women claimed their Social Security benefits at age 62, instead of waiting until the full retirement age. Should you start taking those monthly benefit checks early, or wait a few years? It's a one-time decision you can't "do-over" that can financially impact you for the rest of your life. Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson discusses the strategies you (and your spouse) should consider to potentially maximize your benefits.

Global Digital Revolution
John Chambers, Cisco Executive Chairman of the Board
Erica Kochi, UNICEF Innovation Unit Co-Founder
Is the United States falling behind in the race from the information age to the digital age? That's what tech titan John Chambers is warning at the Clinton Global Initiative. Chambers and a panel of leaders from big companies and international organizations discuss how digitization is rapidly changing every government, every city and every home around the world. Plus Erica Kochi, the Co-Founder of UNICEF's Innovation Unit shares insight into what young people around the world are telling world leaders they need more than anything else.

COMING UP NEXT WEEK ON THE MONEY: A 40 percent tuition cut? We'll tell you which schools are putting education on sale starting next year.

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