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Patricia Chadwick

Founder and President, Ravengate Partners LLC

Patricia W. Chadwick has had more than 35 years of investment experience. She is the founder and president of Ravengate Partners LLC, a consulting firm that provides advice on financial markets and global economics.


  • The Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington, DC.

    The new buzzwords – Quantitative Easing – have been added to the alphabet soup of remedies for our still ailing economy. The quick fix “QE” recipe consists of the Fed buying bonds and flooding the economy with the proceeds in the hope that more money will inspire the recipients to spend the dough and thus get the economy off its rump.

  • Chadwick: To Buy or Not to Buy—Redux Monday, 27 Sep 2010 | 10:32 AM ET
    For Sale By Owner

    The glut of housing is keeping prices exceptionally low despite the extremely favorable interest rates that mortgage seekers can obtain. But fair warning - interest rates will not stay at this level forever. In fact, I believe it would actually benefit the economy to have rates rise somewhat.

  • Chadwick: To Buy or Not to Buy (A House) Monday, 20 Sep 2010 | 9:59 AM ET

    That is the question for many potential homebuyers. (Apologies to William Shakespeare) But it is complicated by two other questions that must be answered by two other related parties – (1) the seller: To sell (at a distressed price) or not to sell (and wait till the market improves) and (2) the bank: To finance or not to finance.