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  • Icahn: Union has squeezed city's important employers

    CNBC's John Harwood reports on billionaire investor Carl Icahn responding to remarks leveled at him by Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

  • Job growth stalling?

    Marc Morial, National Urban League President & CEO and Former New Orleans Mayor, and Ron Christie, Christie Strategies Founder & CEO and former Special Assistant to President G. W. Bush, discuss the April jobs report and the possibility of raising the minimum wage.

  • Lottery winner

    Just won the Powerball drawing? What now? Here are 10 tongue-in-cheek suggestions for what to do after meeting with a financial planner.

  • Gross: Millions of jobs will be lost to technology

    Bill Gross, Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund Portfolio Manager, discusses the problem of technology displacing workers and the idea of universal basic income.

  • Personal income up 0.4% in March

    CNBC's Rick Santelli runs through a litany of economic data, including the latest read on personal income, and consumer spending.

  • Toys R Us retail cash transaction

    U.S. inflation barely rose in March as spending remained tepid, making it less likely that the Fed will be able to hike rates twice this year.

  • New proposals for curbing Wall St. pay

    CNBC's Mary Thompson reports on the latest proposals for limiting executive compensation on Wall Street.

  • We have an issue of income distribution: Philip Jennings

    Philip Jennings, general-secretary at UNI Global Union, criticizes the $90M pay package of WPP CEO Martin Sorrell.

  • Global general malaise in luxury: Pro

    Tom Porcelli, Chief U.S. Economist at RBC Capital Markets, talks about how slowing luxury spending could be sending a warning sign for the rest of the economy.

  • Dollars cash

    Here’s a breakdown of the country’s income divide by education, age, race, geography and gender.

  • Man examining coins with magnifying glass  at home

    Make sure you're up on credits you may be able to claim. It could make a serious dent in your tax burden or even result in a tax return.

  • Customers look for groceries as they push shopping carts along the shopping aisles inside an Asda supermarket in London.

    As the U.K.’s new minimum wage came into force on Friday, a report showed that spending power in the country is already at its highest in at least six years.

  • CEO pay vs. share price

    Chipotle says part of the company's executives' pay will be tied to the stock price. CNBC contributors Steve Odland and Jeff Sonnenfeld, discuss where exactly a stock price could determine a CEO's compensation.

  • Wambach: My dream is a Title IX for businesses

    Abby Wambach, FIFA Women's World Cup champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist, talks about the Olympic games in Rio this summer and fighting for gender pay equity.

  • Can execs manipulate stock price?

    A securities filing reveals Chipotle will more closely tie the pay of its executives to stock performance. The FMHR traders provide perspective on CEO compensation and stock price.

  • Charles Barkley & Grant Hill: My biggest financial mistakes

    Basketball stars discuss what they have learned about money in their careers

  • A stamp originally worth just one penny has sold for £495,000 pounds ($707,000) to a private buyer.

  • Labor Sec. Perez: We're moving in the right direction

    Thomas Perez, Labor Secretary for the U.S. Department of Labor weighs in on the February jobs report and his views on the economy and the 2016 election.

  • Santelli: U of M consumer sentiment down to 91.7

    CNBC's Rick Santelli looks at final February University of Michigan consumer sentiment and January income and spending data.

  • Millionaires more likely to be audited

    CNBC's Robert Frank looks at a new report from the IRS about how millionaire earners may pay the most taxes, but they also get the most audits.