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  • Diabetes

    Diabetes has become a pandemic of monumental proportion. Not only has it threatened the lives of millions, but it also has added to the massive economic burden of chronic disease.

  • Amylin Pharmaceuticals , whose stock rose 20 percent over the last month, is encouraged by a recent study that its experimental drug Bydureon is well tolerated by patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

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    While most people living in the United States might think tuberculosis is a disease that no longer affects this country, in reality, between nine and 14 million Americans are infected with the bacteria that cause TB.

  • The worsening diabetes epidemic, usually associated with Western nations, is causing widespread health problems in China as the Asian nation continues to enjoy strong economic growth, Novo Nordisk President & CEO Lars Sorensen, told CNBC Monday.

  • Diabetes

    It doesn’t strike the kind of terror that cancer or Alzheimer’s disease do. But there’s a killer hiding in plain sight that might wreak even more devastation: diabetes.

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    In today's world, the process of providing access to affordable healthcare should be easier than it is. Globally, we're all affected by the rising costs of healthcare in the face of an aging population – increasing expenditures for healthcare is a challenge in every country where Teva has a presence.

  • doctor

    Every year millions of the world’s poorest people die from curable or preventable infectious diseases or suffer unnecessary ill health because they do not have access to basic health care services, including essential medicines and vaccines. The reasons for this are complex and plentiful....but these problems cannot be an excuse for inaction, writes Andrew Witty, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline.

  • Marijuana & Money: A CNBC Special Report

    UK-based bio-technology firm GW Pharmaceuticals launched the first prescription medicine derived from cannabis Monday, following regulatory approval late last week.

  • blood_press_125x100.jpg

    Just because you're busy running a company, doesn't mean you have to run yourself into the ground.  Get proactive—and we don't mean travel more.  See a doctor to learn  whether high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases may be waiting down the road.

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    A German drug giant says it has stumbled upon such a pill and is trying to persuade the Food and Drug Administration that its drug can help restore a depressed female sex drive.  The NYT reports.

  • FDA

    Federal health regulators said Wednesday the first pill designed to boost the female sex drive failed to make a significant impact on libido in two studies.

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    Thousands of researchers presented studies at the recent cancer forum, but none more significant than those for patients with advanced melanoma.

  • Donald Drapkin, Chairman of Casablanca Capital, explains the battle between CVS and Walgreen's and why pharmacy benefit plans 'just don't work.'

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    There is no “quick fix” for cancer, no clear spot of light at the end of the tunnel. This cautious realization is that the fight against cancer is going to take more time than we thought.

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    Sales of a vaccine for late-stage prostate cancer, Dendreon’s Provenge, are expected to reach $1 billion in the first two years, analysts have predicted. This drug, one of several being showcased at the American Society of Clinical Oncologists meeting, represent a trend in which drugs treat a subgroup of cancer sufferers within the larger disease.

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    They are the highly trained, generally well-paid employees in the vanguard of American innovation: people who work in biotechnology labs. But the cutting edge can be a risky place to work.

  • Drug developer Celgene is expected to release data on from two studies in coming weeks, and the bulls are looking for a rally.

  • This company not only should escape Europe’s troubles, it should benefit from them.

  • This trend is driving the markets right now.

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